Going deeper than Human Design to know your customers


The concept of Human Design began gaining traction in the self-help and self-discovery communities.


According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP site, Human Design is defined as a “system that explains how you were built, and how to best respond to the world – like a combination between astrology and Myers-Briggs.”

Taking this into account, it’s no wonder that Human Design has crossed over into the entrepreneurial world.

It’s not exactly conventional HR theory, but Human Design has proven itself to be a useful tool to understand people.

And it is.

But I’m also here to argue that you need to go deeper than Human Design to truly attract your ideal clients and build the business of your dreams.

Entrepreneurs are unique; you are unique

While every theory has a valuable contribution to offer, it’s also important to remember that we don’t live in a one size fits all world.

This is as true for astrology as it is for the Myers-Briggs personality tests.


And it’s true for Human Design too.


Every human on the planet is unique and desires to be treated as such.

The combination of our experiences, beliefs, patterns, challenges and talents are distinct to us.

The main issue with personality systems is that they focus on understanding and managing feelings or emotions. However, they lack explanation as to why we experience the feelings we do as an individual.

They also don’t take into consideration our individual recurring themes or patterns around our challenges.

Intuitive Profiling™ is the powerful next step

But that doesn’t mean we need to throw the Human Design baby out with the bathwater.

Instead, we must bring our natural strengths as women entrepreneurs to the table.

And one of the biggest female strengths is intuition.

When I coach entrepreneurs, I teach them to explore how Intuitive Profiling™ can provide greater insight into their clients and themselves.

For those who question the validity of intuition as a business tool, it’s important to note that intuition isn’t a new age concept linked to feelings. Instead, it’s a safety tool that has come about as a result of evolution.

Intuition is the ability to collect and decode nonverbal cues in persons and the environment. In essence, it’s a relational ability that allows us to scan the environment around us and rapidly detect danger, compatibility or safety within our surroundings. This affects our feelings and which then determines our actions.

Most women will attest to the fact that their intuition has saved them from a potential negative experience.

Intuitive Profiling™ takes the use of intuition one step further by leveraging our inherent skill to forge and foster genuine relationships.


Women entrepreneurs need to understand their own processes

In addition to having a clear insight into best fit prospects and clients, it is key for women entrepreneurs to understand their own processes.

It’s not just clients who are unique.


Each woman entrepreneur is unique too.


While much business advice is well intentioned, almost none of it encourages women entrepreneurs to dive deeply into how they best work and want to deliver results to their clients.

As Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman and investor, said, “What women will do is take a leap of faith and listen to their intuition even when it doesn’t measure up against logic, and that is powerful in business.”


The results speak for themselves

By understanding how to use their intuition to aid in client attraction and conversion, women grow 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Through adopting the Intuitive Profiling™ method, my clients have achieved the following results:

  • Closed a $12,000 sales in 24 hours
  • Earned $100,000 in 25 days
  • Transformed from earning $1,000 per month to $3,770 in 9 days
  • From zero cash flow to $35,000 in 35 days

More client testimonials can be found here.

These results are proof that leaning into our femininity can be just as beneficial as utilizing logic and figures to scale a business.

Ready to increase your conversions? Then leverage your intuitive power.



Charlotte Laubo Berg aka The Femme Rengade, is creator of the Intuitive Profiling™. She is a certified business mentor, intuitive premium sales mentor and speaker who teaches established female entrepreneurs how to scale from 6 to multiple 7 figures and beyond using their intuition to accelerate relationships, build trust and deliver exactly what their prospects and clients need to excel.

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