The Top Three Ways to Connect With Your Best Clients

It can be easy to see successful people and think you must mimic their path to success. If only it were that easy! What we are trying to avoid is being another copycat. Instead, we want to become legends ourselves…

We often don’t think of ourselves as legends or legends in the making. We are just trying to run this business or finish this project. But if you notice one thing – legends never stop being creative. They are innovative and continuously lead from a place of being legend. I know that you are endlessly adaptable, and you, too, can embody that legend-in-the-making attitude.

The problem with our current environment is that we often find ourselves stuck in a sea of sameness. Similar solutions, marketing tactics, and clients can make any business owner feel desperate to stand out. You must go inward first to shift into a league of your own.

After over a decade in marketing, I am no stranger to the struggle to find your authentic story. Breaking free from the crowd starts when you find your true calling and share that with the world. Ready to start? First, we need to get real, get clear, and get connected.


Get Real

If you don’t get real, you will continue to sound like everyone else. Instead, turn your attention to the elements that only you have inside yourself and tell your story in a way that sets you apart from the competition. Radical authenticity will continuously attract your ideal client.

So how do we know what our authentic story is? The best way to get started is by recalibrating your energy and removing things that no longer serve your true purpose. You need to excavate what is not helping you and intentionally replenish it with everything that makes you – you.

Focus on the transformations that you were able to navigate for your clients or company. How have you helped them on their life and business journey? Your true purpose is not something that you need to add or subtract from your life. It’s already a part of you – you need to uncover it.


Get Clear

Now that you have the basis of your unique story – it’s time to communicate it effectively. Legends are born from clarity. They don’t need to explain why they are legendary to you. Everyone already knows what makes them magic. So now it’s your turn to make your legendary status clear.

Your copy should be zeroed in on the methodology and approach you take to business. Remember, this is what makes you and your business unique. Of course, anyone can offer services and goods, but why should a client choose you?

Remember your role in this journey with your clients – you are the guide! Your client is the hero. They need support on their journey, and you can offer it. An authentic story will showcase your trials and empathy for your client’s struggles.

At the same time, your messaging should embody authority. Because you have been there before, you are qualified to show your clients the way. The magic happens when you can use your skills to transform your client’s journey.

If you’re unsure where to start, look to your testimonials. What have previous clients remembered about the journey with you? Do you offer a sense of calm, organization, or trust? Then, use those key emotions and trust to connect with future clients.


Get Connected

Once you get your message nailed down, it’s time to spread it everywhere. Use it in your email signature, on your social media, and in your bio. Then, repeat it in every meeting so that you and your teammates can quickly tell clients who you are and what you do.

Don’t forget to make the call to action clear and upfront. You are here to run a business. Don’t hide the path to working with you because you are afraid to ask for the next step. Tell your prospects how to take the next steps with a “book now,” “schedule a call,” or “get a quote” call to action button.

After you nail down who you are, create captivating messaging that positions you as the perfect choice for your ideal clients, and ask for the sale, your empire’s growth is inevitable.

Remember, you don’t want to stand out; you want to stand in. Stand in the power of you and your unique story.

If you are ready to get out of the never-ending grind so you can tap into your heart’s purpose, click here to book a call today to learn more!




Aleya Harris, CPCE is a powerhouse Storybrand Certified Guide, BioEnergetic Business Coach, empire-building owner of Flourish Marketing, sought-after marketer, award-winning speaker, mic-drop copywriter, and woo enthusiast. She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs differentiate themselves through radically authentic messaging strategy and copywriting.

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