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One of the best ways to get entrepreneurial advice for free is to listen to the guest experts we have found across the globe. Their entrepreneurial advice is on point and not to be missed. Choose the topics that most interest you and click on the links, in bold, to get the best entrepreneurial advice.


How to Get in Shape, No Matter How Busy You Are!

How to get in shape and stay in shape isn’t as hard as it seems reveals our weight loss specialist, Stavros Mastrogiannis.  However, the goal for all of us is sustainable weight loss and Stavros explains how we can achieve this, too! Listen to this Fabulous Fempreneurship podcast episode to learn how.


Goal Planning, The Importance of Turning Goals into SMART Goals

Getting organized and planning is so necessary for small business.  The importance of turning goals into SMART goals is the key to success.  Our podcast guest, Anna Yu, President of Yu Consulting Group, explains how we can get organized and plan for business growth.


5 Ways to Use Speaking to Enroll Great Clients and Live a Globetrotting Lifestyle

Our podcast guest, Moira Ni Ghallachoir talks about 5 ways to use speaking to enroll great clients.  She outlines her step by step plan that she used when starting out on the speaking circuit.  It’s not at all complicated and Moira says any coach, consultant and service provider can follow her blueprint to have similar success.  Her journey from speaking at local events to being on the same stage as Les Brown was a step by step process.


Google Ads v/s Social Media Ads

There is a difference between google ads versus social media ads and our podcast guest expert, Samantha Gernhart explains the purpose of each type of ad.  Google ads are for the search journey and social media ads are more for behaviour and intent to purchase.  Knowing the difference between Google Ads versus Social Media Ads can help you spend your advertising dollars, wisely.


How to Manage the Expectations as an Entrepreneur and Mother

In this podcast episode we explore first hand from Katrina Summers how to manage the expectations as an entrepreneur and mother.   Breaking through the corporate ceiling and launching her own consulting business, Katrina will share her thoughts on how she was able to do this while raising three kids and their puppy, Sophie.


How 6 Key Numbers Can Make a 6-Figure Difference to Your Business

Brooke, Lively, CEO and Founder of Cathederal Capital, discusses how 6 key numbers can make a 6-figure difference to your business.  She explains how to get comfortable with your numbers and know how 6 key numbers can make a 6-figure difference.


Why Reinvention Is THE Most Essential Skill

In this podcast, we explore with Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva why reinvention is the most essential skill for 2022.  In this changing business world, businesses and individuals need to reinvent themselves constantly.   It is a challenging business environment we are in right now with world events putting a lot of pressure on businesses across the globe and change occuring at a very rapid speed.  We all need to be our own Chief Reinvention Officer.



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