How To Turn Rejection Into Acceptance In Your Business by @CarolSankar

by Carol Sankar| Featured Contributor

Photo Credit: Melissa Segal via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Melissa Segal via Compfight cc

To many entrepreneurs, especially for women, rejection is a difficult process to accept. It creates a feeling of uncertainty. I remember in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, being filled with optimism, then getting hit hard with rejection day after day as I attempted to pitch my services to major organizations and investors.

I consistently questioned my own expertise. I kept looking for flaws to justify the rejection. After banging my head on my own desk night after night while questioning if owning my own business was the best move, I discovered that the power of my outlook needed to shift.

I started to go back to the companies that rejected my proposals and found out how to turn rejection into acceptance. It was a refreshing to know that rejection was not the end of an opportunity. It was in this moment, I learned that rejection is the perfect backdrop for acceptance, and here are 4 things you need to consider in order to turn rejection into acceptance in your business today.

1. Create a follow up system: Maybe the timing of your offering is not right for your prospect, so create a follow up system that is not salsey or pushy, but let them know you would still like to be a part of the process of consideration in the future.

2. Ask “How can I earn your business?” This is where your confidence pays a key role in developing the next level of the conversation. Take as much advice to sharpen your skills to re-approach in your follow up with the directives provided.

3. Give a complimentary bonus upon rejection: Sometimes, it is a matter of being caught off-guard. A cold lead may need time to connect with your further on various levels. In my office, we call it “rejection stalking” where the person/company that rejected you may need to be invited into your space to see you at work before making a move.

4. Be consistent after rejection: Never start a follow up system that you will not finish. You never know who may be watching you for future opportunities.


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