I have no idea what my keywords are, and how to find them.


Keywords are a must-have for your blog content. Finding them, using them, and building on them is what I will be focusing on over the next few weeks.

A few things we will be going over

  • using analytics to find your keyword
  • building backlinks
  • finding new keywords
  • using them in your content and more!




I have been a blogger since 2008 and I have found that when I pay attention to my keywords and use them properly, there is a growth in views, followers, and more. This is one area of your content that needs your full attention — and when you give it, it will reward you back.

Today we will be hitting the I have no idea what my keywords are– and how to find them.

We are going to assume that you have google analytics already set up on your blog so you can measure everything. {if you don’t have that, please stop what you are doing and get it set up and running- it’s a must-have for bloggers} We will be using some of the info that googles analytics gives you to find your special keywords. If you have been blogging for at least a few months, Google will already know what you are all about and what it thinks your hot topics/keywords are. The longer you have been around, the more info that it has to determine your topics and words.

This is a great way to start off when you are really at a loss as to what you should focus on. Using these words is an easy start. Why work hard on another topic, when you can quickly grow by building on one you already are an authority on? Let’s get started.

Open up your analytics page for your blog.


  1. Content
  2. Site content
  3. Landing pages
  4. Adjust the time {found at the top right- calendar} put this info 1 year long -whether you have been blogging this long or not, keep the time frame to one year. Apply the change.
  5. Make the display show rows 50 posts at one time {found in the bottom right corner}

Let’s quickly go over where we are and why we are looking here. First, we are looking at the landing pages. These are the pages that most of our traffic is coming to.

We changed the time frame to show a full year because that will give you more of a true overview of what people are landing on. What are they hitting your site first when they find you? What does google see viewers like when they find your links? We are displaying at least 50 posts so we can use this to find our most popular posts, which will lead us to our keywords.

Take a few notes on what is popular on your site– what topics do you see repeatedly? What is hitting the sweet spot with your readers and followers? These are the topics you need to write more on. Finding topics will help you narrow down your keywords. We can cross-reference these topics with the info collected in the next step.

Let’s look at another spot to find more info-


  1. Traffic sources
  2. Sources
  3. Search
  4. Organic
  5. Adjust the time to show 1 year {top right corner}
  6. Display at least 50 rows {bottom right corner}


Why are we here and what are we looking at? We are looking at searches– these are our magical keywords that viewers have used to find us. Again, we are looking at a one-year time frame to help us even more with what google thinks we are all about. By displaying more rows, we can quickly find the repeating keywords or topics. This will of course back up the info that we found earlier with the landing pages. This gives us a more narrowed idea of exactly the topics and keywords that we are found for.

Take a few notes on what the popular or repeating themes that are listed there.

When I look at mine I find a variety of keywords that reference one area– example: patchwork patterns, patchwork patterns for beginners, patchwork quilt patterns, free patchwork patterns, etc. The resounding theme– patchwork patterns. I am pretty confident that if I use some kind of combination of that keyword, that google will send traffic my way because I have a good base to build on already.

What are you going to do with this info now that you know what it is? Use it!

That’s right. Your notes that you have taken will give you everything you need. These are the topics {what are the most popular posts written about} and these are the magical search words {what are your repeating keywords}.

Start posting at least once per month on these topics and keywords on your blog. By doing this you will be building on the base that has already been set up for you {you did this without really even knowing it!} and quickly make you look better in Google’s eyes and draw more traffic and views your way.



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2 Replies to “I have no idea what my keywords are, and how to find them.”

  1. Wystan

    Thanks Becky – this was pretty helpful. It will be more helpful as I understand it better. 🙂 Now to use it – I’m getting google analytics while me daughter is home from college this weekend to help me figure it out!

    Thanks again

  2. SudokuMan

    I have also found that I thought my site would be higher ranking for a set of keywords to only find out that another set of keywords are much higher. Then running that data through an analyzer provides me even more ideas.

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