Business and Babies- 5 Simple Tips to Balance Business and Motherhood by @tiffulcher

by Tiffany Fulcher | Featured Contributor

As an entrepreneur and mom I have learned that there is no such thing as caught up. I am constantly coming up with new ways to reinvent my companies and enrich my client experiences. Which in turn creates new projects, deadlines, and more to my workload.  Sounds exciting right, well it can be, but as a wife and mother of 3 young children there are times when taking on new tasks can seem daunting.

Attempting to balance life as women has always proven to be a rather difficult task. At times business peaks and you want to take advantage of the opportunities so you spend more time with work than you should. Other times business slows down and causing you to question the validity of your craft as a result you may spend more time with work.  Oh and let’s not forget you do have a family and friends who needs you. Life never stops going and every season in your life brings with it blessings and challenges.

Here a 5 simple yet practical steps to help balance out your life. I have implemented each of these throughout the years when I have lost my way, in other words these are tried and true!

  • Make a schedule– I know this is so redundant, maybe even cliché, but it’s the best piece of advice you can ever use.  A schedule can keep you from working, working, day and night as MJ would say! When I opened my first company I spent all day and night working on it. It was my baby, I quickly fizzled out, my marriage suffered a little and I became resentful in the process. Schedules help you stay on track and if you need to work a little more than usual you can schedule that time along with some much needed downtime.
  • Make family a priority- One of the main reasons I entered into business for myself was the ability to have a larger impact in the lives of my children. For me this means I don’t miss out on special events, school performances sports  I commit to volunteering at their schools and attend business events with my husband. All of this is done with balance in mind. I don’t overcommit the kids to outside activities, I let teachers know what I can and cannot do and I inform my clients early on that I am a mother. This open bridge of communication keeps everyone informed should challenges arise, its also a great relationship builder.
  • Do away with the Superwoman complex–   Someone , somewhere told us we were supposed to have it all, do it all, and be everything to everyone with Pinterest perfect homes, and not an ounce of fat on our bodies.  I don’t know about you but that’s far more than I can commit to.  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Laundry will pile up, your house will get dirty, you will have challenges in your business, you might miss a hair apt or two or God forbid forget to go to the gym. It’s ok and you will be ok!  As women, we oftentimes become victims to pleasing others and fall prey to over performing.  Release yourself of this responsibility. Be your best you every day, illicit help from others, and allow balance to guide your life.
  • Set up a regular date night with your family/spouse– Fridays is our family night. We find something exciting to do with our kids in our city or close by. My kids look forward to the day because I am unplugged and attention is on them. My husband and I don’t have a set day of the week but we make it a point to date every week. We grab lunch, a movie, breakfast or some other time together. It helps us to decompress from the week, discuss important items, or just laugh at each other and our lives. I so look forward to this time. It helps to shift my perspective and get back to what’s important in life.
  • Rest– This is important; you won’t be at your best when you are exhausted, crabby, or overwhelmed. I recently started implementing an hour a day just for me first thing in the morning. I spend time reading and drinking my favorite cup of coffee.  That hour is pure bliss, there’s nothing special about it just a book, silence, and Keurig in my cup.  This sets the tone for my entire day. No matter how you choose to schedule rest, your body will thank you. You are not built to function on very little sleep and long working hours forever.  Take some time to unplug and unwind.

Try to implement these tips into your over time.  No need to become overwhelmed attempting to get underwhelmed.  Balance is the beauty of life. Your life, business, and body will thank you once you find that perfect place of equilibrium.

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Life Purpose Architect – Tiffany Fulcher

Tiff_2-1Tiffany Fulcher is an entrepreneur, speaker, and life purpose architect tm boldly encouraging women to live their lives by God’s design. She provides inspiration and motivation through Tiffany Fulcher llc a personal and professional development company. Her practical yet strategic approach helps women to overcome obstacles and pursue limitless possibilities.

She compels others to walk in their authority, embrace their extraordinary, and to own their influence. Through her development and leadership training Tiffany equips her clients with the tools to help them define their purpose, set goals, and confront challenges that keep them from pursuing the enriching life God has planned for them.

Tiffany also owns Education Outsource, which serves to teach and train educators, schools, and organizations on the rising trends in education technology and how to implement these trends in effectively in the school and organizational environment.

Always considering matters of the heart, Education Outsource also provides teachers and administrators with leadership and personal development training encompassed around the educator influence.

As a writer and media personality Tiffany has been featured on ABC’s affiliate Good Morning Texas as an expert and blogger, Essence Magazine online, The Fort Worth Star Telegram and countless other news and media outlets.

Tiffany’s heartbeat and passion is her family. She simply adores her husband of 11 years Fred and 3 kiddos Symone 3, Trey 6, and Sydnei 9.

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