Make space for Beautiful things to happen! by Sue Perez of @Beautyphonics

by Sue Perez | Featured Contributor


September is the month of going back to school and it reminds us that soon, yet again the hawk of winter will be swooping back in. I always cherish my memories of renewal this time of year. I also take stock and make changes where needed. It’s late summer and some warm days are left but it’s time to open the closets and start shaking out the sweaters and jackets for the cooler temperatures to come. This year my husband and I did a bit of re-organizing and he purchased a new makeup vanity for me with matching white chair and mini table (which I use to store my hair tools). It’s really lovely and he upgraded the closet with a PAX wardrobe from Ikea for me too! Yes Yes, I know. He’s a keeper. But seriously, there is something harmonious that happens when you can find all your possessions nicely hung up or laid out in pull out drawers. You feel brand new! This month is all about renewal and letting go of the old. It’s time to refresh yourself and wrap yourself in all that is new.


Tranquility and Harmony = Balance

My entire apartment follows the principles of Feng Shui. It’s the pseudoscience that originated in China and uses natural energy forces in the environment to bring harmony within the home. Well placed colors, plants, flowers, chimes, mirrors, water fountains, fish bowls and photographs can enhance the various corners of your Bagua or the energy map of your space. It shows you which areas of your home are connected to specific areas of your life. For example the Southeast corner energizes Fame and Luck and in my bedroom that’s where I keep my Emmy Award, right on top of my vanity. The gorgeous roses my husband bought me don’t hurt either.





Create an Oasis for yourself

Think about it. Besides work, being at home is your favorite place. It’s where you binge watch your favorite shows and keep all your cool stuff. Make time to review your closets and donate clothing and shoes you know you are not going to use anymore. Pick up some new workout clothes. Update your fragrance and hair shampoo. In the bathroom, replace the shower liner and curtain, enhance the lighting, add new floor carpets and delicious smelling hand washing soap. Just buying new towels and linens can add a new design element.  Stock your kitchen with warming foods you can make quickly like butternut squash soup, fresh baked breads and your favorite pancake mix. And buy a new bathrobe. I practically live in mine.


Beauty Rituals

I recently gave a talk at The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences NY-NATAS. All of the women had beauty questions and skincare concerns. I did two makeup demos and sold copies of my book. It was a fabulous night. But when I mentioned that I believe in performing beauty rituals every day on my skin you could hear a pin drop. This link takes you to the video tutorial where a model demonstrates daily self care Beautyphonics beauty rituals the best. It’s the step by step after cleanse massage technique that I use in my practice as an Aesthetician, and on myself to keep my skin looking youthful.





Meditate and Radiate

Okay, maybe your not going to Namaste sashay away, but your thoughts are powerful things. Your attitude will attract the right people to you so give away grins! Reflect on yourself filling your cup and make that your central energy. Finding balance and what’s right for you means dialing in self-care, routine and balance. Once you create that structure trust that things are happening behind the scenes in your favor. Does that seem weird to you? Give it a shot, it can be magical!


Go back to basics

Goal setting and getting caught up or started on a project is always a good idea. Fear is based on the assumption of failure. If you start to get suspicious you may want to protect yourself, but the illusion doesn’t need to be bought into. You can make a choice. Sit down and outline what you want. Dream a little. Sit in nature and absorb the beauty around you. Expand your beautiful heart and mind. Everything in life that is good and brings us success is based on a heart centered energy so let that energy surround you! Your beauty is unlimited! Let me know how it goes.



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