Movement over mindset

by Bevin Farrand 

As business owners, we’re inundated with messages about how important mindset is to our success.

Especially in the digital entrepreneurship space, personal growth and high performance are front and center in our daily lives.

But what if mindset (as it’s currently taught), isn’t necessarily the most powerful tool to keep in your back pocket when things get tough (or even when things are simply boring)?

So many business owners waste time trying to find inspiration and motivation when what they really need to do is get into action.


We don’t get inspired to take action. We get into action to get inspired.


Is it easier to get things done when you have a positive mindset? Of course. But movement is far more important than mindset. Entrepreneurs will fall into the trap of working on their mindset for months trying to unearth blocks, subconscious belief patterns, and other things holding them back when if they had taken some action, they’d be closer to their goals.

If someone waits until their mindset is “right” I will know exactly where to find them in one year—they will be in the very same spot.

Again, this is not to downplay the importance of mindset. It’s about prioritizing the action that helps you to get your mindset aligned with where you want to be.

In order to get new results, you have to do things differently. By doing things differently, you will begin to think differently. And that will help you on your mindset journey, while also moving your business forward.


Build momentum


Once you move your feet, you build momentum—and that is everything for creating progress. Whether you’re looking to achieve a big accomplishment or you’re just trying to start your day—those initial movements make all the difference.

For example, have you ever laid in bed for over an hour after waking up because you just couldn’t will yourself up (until nature called and you had to)?

Once you’re up and moving, it’s easier to go about your day. But that initial removing the covers, putting your feet on the floor, and facing the day can feel like climbing a mountain when you’re tired and don’t have oxygen.


When you apply this to your big dream, the stakes are even higher.


The hardest place to be is at the beginning of a big dream. Moving from your standstill is going to take the most effort, energy, and focus to get started and build momentum. But the magic is in the movement.

Once you get your feet moving, momentum will build and it will be easier to continue taking action. And that movement can be even smaller than you think.

Much, much smaller, in fact. You will make incredible progress when you start with what I call Micro-actions.

If you try to go from zero to sixty, your brain and body will likely enter some serious resistance, so you want to move forward with Micro-actions. A Micro-action is the smallest possible action that you will actually take.

Instead of trying to sit down and write your book, outline the first chapter. If that feels too big, write the first word. Instead of trying to put together a new course, decide on the container that works best for you and your people. Instead of trying to batch a month’s worth of content, create one TikTok or reel that will help your audience.

As you gain that momentum, your body will naturally open up to more because it won’t feel forced. Focus on the Micro-actions, move your feet, and watch how your mindset will change.



Bevin Farrand is a business strategist, coach, and founder of the Take the DAMN Chance movement, using her over 20 years of experience in personal development, psychology, and communication to support small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and execute strategies to take their revenue to 6- and 7-figures. Her superpower is helping people bring their big, bold, crazy dreams to life.

In 2019, after unexpectedly losing her husband 5 days after they returned from a whirlwind trip to France, Bevin Farrand founded the Take the DAMN Chance movement. Her DAMN framework has inspired hundreds to connect with the people that they love, do the “crazy thing” that makes all the difference and, when given a choice, to take the damn chance.

Bevin’s genius and insights have been seen on NBC, the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Lessons from a Quitter, and more.

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