Music Turns Children Into Successful Adults?

Music Turns Children Into Successful Adults?


by Rory Gardiner

There is no mistaking that the arts are a fantastic development tool for children. Research has proven that learning an instrument will improve memory, boost confidence, and result in higher academic achievement. If this is the case, then why do so many bright eyed children refuse to learn or practice the instruments we give them?

More often than not, it has a lot to do with how they’re taught. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you be passionate about learning scales and repeatedly playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” in its entirety until your fingers hurt? No, you want to learn the songs you hear on radio and in movies. The stuff you recognize and love!

Kids feel the same way. With an attention span half as long as a typical adult, they need some sort of vested interest in playing. For starters, let them choose the instrument. If they can’t decide, then choose something YOU would play. Don’t choose the cello by default, because you think it will turn your child into the next Bill Gates.



“Won’t the crazy music we listen to turn into distant teenagers, then adults who choose attempted rock stardom over college? ” No. Learning the music they choose will push them past that hump that most beginners don’t quite get over, and end up throwing in the towel. Who wouldn’t want to show their friends that they can play the guitar chord progression to a Bruno Mars song, or the entire Frozen sound track on Piano?

Children not exposed to creative outlets, such as athletics or music may results in then never truly breaking out of their social shell, or given a chance to test out their natural God given talents.

Benefits of Learning Music:

  • Learning music develops skills that are necessary in the workplace. It focuses on getting things done as opposed to observing. It is WAY more fun being on stage, rather than in the audience.
  • Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline. In a band setting, you play as a unit. Any member not rehearsed will throw off the rest of the instruments. Practice makes perfect.
  • Little room for error. When you hit a wrong note, it is very noticeable. You can’t fake it in music, which is why it is a great way to enhance focus and patients.
  • Being busy with music, is a great distraction from trouble. When a child is actively being creative, they are less likely to seek distractions, such as drugs or general mischief.

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Rory Gardiner They say if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Singer/Songwriter/Author/Entrepreneur/Comedian/Lactose Intolerant Rory Gardiner has seen the success of his compositions published and performed by other artists, as well as songs licensed and synched in TV advertisements airing daily throughout North America.

Rory has appeared on multiple CMT (Country Music Television) nationally broadcasted reality shows in Canada, and keeps a busy 100+ shows a year touring schedule.

Author of “Break Free: The Road Map for Building a Healthy Lifestyle & Breaking Bad Habits.” Using humor, parable and motivation, Rory outlines how the right small changes in a busy lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on how you look and feel.

Rory has recently released his first country music children’s record “Yee-Haw” on iTunes, influenced by becoming a parent himself. The album has already been awarded a “Parents Choice Award”, and Rory states “I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!”

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    Music is seriously so important I don’t know why it’s getting cut from curriculums

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