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Sound Sleep and Peace of Mind

by @RoryGardinerMusic I think the true secret to life is having true peace of mind and sleep. It’s a broad, high level statement, but I think everything important in people’s lives can be re-directed back to these elements. Sleep is a no brainer. Without optimal sleep, we can’t function at an optimal level. Losing even […]

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Is that what you REALLY want?

by Rory Gardiner One of the biggest complaints among “employees”, is that they would like to work for themselves. I get it, you feel like a prisoner. In jail, prisoners have their free will taken away. Most prisoners, like employees hate their current circumstance, and feel all their problems would be solved if they didn’t […]

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Staying Busy Won’t Make You Happy

by Rory Gardiner Do you create more work for yourself in order to stay busy? Is it because you feel guilty if not busy? It can’t be because we’re bored. When we’re bored, we take out our cell phones and are distracted for what seems like an eternity. Perhaps what you do as a job […]

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Music Turns Children Into Successful Adults?

by Rory Gardiner There is no mistaking that the arts are a fantastic development tool for children. Research has proven that learning an instrument will improve memory, boost confidence, and result in higher academic achievement. If this is the case, then why do so many bright eyed children refuse to learn or practice the instruments […]

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Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

by Rory Gardiner The thing I hear most often when people find out I’m a musician is “what is your real job”? They don’t understand that the arts is a career, not just a hobby, for some people. When I tell them that I make a living as a musician, the next most common question […]

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How To Be Super Human

        by Rory Gardiner Have you ever looked and someone else’s “situation”, and wondered how they are capable of taking on so much? They succeed at everything they do, and still take care of the small things. How can someone accomplish so much, and still have time to have a social life? […]

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Create Your Own Luck

by Rory Gardiner You’ve probably heard that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. But what if those opportunities never come? Do you want to pursue a passion project, but unsure if it will take off? Here is the secret: Just do it! I recently listened to a Podcast with Actor Jason Segal (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, […]

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Nothing Scares Me

  by Rory Gardiner Fear holds us back from pursuing things that others find effortless. I am not referring to the safety, security and general well being of our families. I am referring to attempting new challenges, or overcoming phobias that may be holding back from reaching our true potential. When running my businesses, I […]

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I Think Too Much

by Rory Gardiner Do you find yourself over analytical? Your brain needs to assess and evaluate every single thing life has to offer? Maybe you have trouble sleeping or generally can’t slow down enough to truly appreciate the present. I’m the type that can’t get enough information. I like making the “right decision” based on […]

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