How To Be Super Human

Photo Credit: Beau Woods via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Beau Woods via Compfight cc





by Rory Gardiner

Have you ever looked and someone else’s “situation”, and wondered how they are capable of taking on so much? They succeed at everything they do, and still take care of the small things. How can someone accomplish so much, and still have time to have a social life? Do they require less hours of sleep? Are they super human? No, they just know how to optimize their lives for the most efficient results.

Genius mode: We all have a time of day where our focus is at its peak. We can operate at a level that far exceeds other times throughout the day. For most, it is in the morning. Depending on your lifestyle, it may be late at night after the world has gone to sleep.  Super heroes are not putting in more hours. They are putting in more effective hours.

I find 8-12am is my window to get all the creative, high focus things done. This is when I try to get my biggest tasks done and out of the way, because I know as soon as noon hits,  I’m going to want to eat.  The afternoon is a write off.  I get lazy, I can’t sit still. I save the afternoon for things that don’t require much thought (pay bills, return emails, gym, etc).

We all have a genius mode. Just find your optimal time of day, get your highest priorities out of the way, and work everything else around it. Your schedule may look different from mine, but here is an example:

7am – Wake up, breakfast, morning stuff

8am – 12pm – Kick ass at what you do

12pm – Lunch & Something physical(walk outside or gym)

2-4pm – Low focus, mindless activities


How do these people have time to socialize?

They optimize their social lives so that they are doing two things at once. Executives have meetings on the golf course, or tennis courts so that they are taking care of business while getting exercise.

Throughout my 20’s, I’d be playing concerts in local clubs. My friends would come watch, or I’d meet new people while out. I was essentially getting paid to socialize.

Want to learn Japanese? Listen to audio books on your commute to work.

If you want to catch up with an old friend, phone them hands free while driving. Meet up with them during meals. You’ve got to eat anyways. Save your free time for doing the things that you need to get done. If you have time in the evenings, prepare meals for the following day. Write emails and save them as drafts to send out as soon as you get up the next morning.


When will I know I’ve developed super powers?

You’ll know. Your “to do” list seems shorter because you’ve had more time to do the small things. You’re less stressed, because you’ve taken care of the overwhelming things during genius mode.

If you aren’t fully satisfied, then you need to calibrate. Assess where you are, by laying out your current situation, daily/weekly routine. Adjust where necessary, then re-engage.  Maybe your cape needs to be tailored to the correct size. You’ll get the hang of it, take flight, then wonder how you lived like a regular civilian for so long.




Rory Gardiner They say if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Singer/Songwriter/Author/Entrepreneur/Comedian/Lactose Intolerant Rory Gardiner has seen the success of his compositions published and performed by other artists, as well as songs licensed and synched in TV advertisements airing daily throughout North America.

Rory has appeared on multiple CMT(Country Music Television) nationally broadcasted reality shows in Canada, and keeps a busy 100+ shows a year touring schedule.

Author of “Break Free: The Road Map for Building a Healthy Lifestyle & Breaking Bad Habits.” Using humor, parable and motivation, Rory outlines how the right small changes in a busy lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on how you look and feel.

Rory has recently released his first country music children’s record “Yee-Haw” on iTunes, influenced by becoming a parent himself. The album has already been awarded a “Parents Choice Award”, and Rory states “I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!”

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