3 Reasons Why Millennials Don’t Unleash Their Movement by @randryiahouston

by Randryia Houston | Featured Contributor

1. FEAR 

pencilIn my work as a social worker, one thing I see is that everyone has a movement. Every woman has something inside of her that is waiting to come forth. This great movement has the potential to impact globally! My movement began with giving children pencils and school supplies to help them stay in school. Eventually, pencils took me around the world!

As millennials begin their paths of career and success, here are 3 reasons why unleashing their movement is a challenge and how to overcome and break through with action.

Fear can be a crippling thing to someone attempting to stretch themselves into new ventures or territories. Fear can lead to complete immobility and stagnation but guess what? If used as motivation, fear can propel you into those new territories. You have the power to take fear, manipulate it, and it manifests as drive. Fear does not have to be a negative force working against you!  and fuel the fear into fire!


Many times, the movement millennials have on the inside of them, no one in your life has accomplished or attempted before. There is no roadmap to success outlining step by step how to reach your desired goal. There is no mentor that you can pinpoint who paved the way. The beauty in going against conventional wisdom is it births the trailblazer in you! You become someone’s guide and compass, empowering them to pursue that seemingly unattainable goal. Who says a movement has to be cookie cut? You can define what a movement means to you.


In social work, we label limited mindset beliefs as cognitive distortions. These cognitive distortions come to twist the truth about your actual situation. You may feel like mistakes you have made in the past are larger than they really are or have greater weight against you moving forward than is true. Or maybe you minimize the accomplishments and strides you have previously made that can have great impact in unleashing your movement.

What are other reasons you don’t unleash your movement? Please share in the comment section below!


Your Social Movement Mentor – Randryia Houston, LMSW from RLH Coaching & Consulting Houston, TX

Randryia HoustonAs one of the nation’s leading experts on management and leadership, Nonprofit Consultant and International Speaker, Randryia Houston is President of RLH Coaching & Consulting, a firm focusing on nonprofit strategy development for visionary woman leaders.

Houston began her start in social movements after a study abroad trip to Ghana, West Africa. Grieved by the educational disparities she witnessed for children the same age as her daughter Ryann, she was compelled to create The Pencil Project, a 501(c) 3 that has hand delivered over 200,000 pencils to primary and secondary school students in Ghana, Nicaragua and Belize.

Speaking both domestically and globally, Houston is passionate about women creating nonprofits and ministries that speak to their true purpose. She has been honored by the Women in the World Foundation as one of six Super Charities Started by College Students and was named one of the 10 most inspiring student activists. Houston’s vast list of awards and international honors include features in the African Political and Economic Strategy Center and TelAfric Television Network.

Houston is an active philanthropist through the self-named Randryia L. Houston Endowment at the University of Houston Library and a board member for Her Haven, a transitional living facility for single mothers. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker, Certified Christian Counselor, a Certified Nonprofit Professional and a licensed minister.

She resides in Houston, Texas with her 9-year-old daughter Ryann.

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    Houston who lives in Houston – how interestingly ironic!

    Good insights. The second paragraph would work better as the intro though.

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