Do you have the right tools to be an entrepreneur? by Renee Pedro of @crashpaddesigns

by Renee Pedro | Featured Contributor 

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? How many times have you heard, “Just do it!”,” Go for it!” If you’re like me, those words aren’t inspirational they’re scary.

I’ve put lots of thought into why those are the wrong words to inspire women. A phrase like “just do it”, presupposes that you already know what to do and are sitting on your hands. For me, nothing was farther from the truth. When I started my home textile design company Crash Pad Designs 7 years ago, I wasn’t even a textile designer. Now I design, manufacture and sell my home textiles all over the world.

People say perspective is everything, In my life, it’s been 80% of everything. Action has been the other 20%. I have always known I could do whatever I wanted despite my less than prosperous background. My perspective is guided by the simple phrase, ” I’ll figure it out”. It’s my mantra. It’s confident and proactive. “I’ll figure it out” is also relatable and familiar. That’s why it can be especially inspirational for women. Because women figure it out every day.

Think about how many things you figure out in your daily life. If you’re a  mom who also works outside of your home, you’re getting everyone dressed and ready to leave the house on time every morning. You’re responsible for how everyone gets to where they need to be. You work at whatever your job is all day. Then you orchestrate getting everyone home, fed and in bed, so you can do it all again the tomorrow. Suppose tomorrow is a snow day or someone wakes up with a fever, or you get a flat? That’s life, and you figure it out.

The experience of your everyday life as a woman makes you a great candidate for an entrepreneur. Being able to think on your feet and to think outside the box makes entrepreneurship a perfect fit. Figuring things out is an inherent female quality, it’s a tool,  it’s in our DNA. Far too often we fail to celebrate and capitalize on this quality.

My business started with a list of things that I needed to figure out. Designing, licensing, manufacturing, distribution, web design, branding, marketing, sales and 900 other things. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it.

One step at a time I conquered my list. If you ask questions someone will answer them. You’re reading this, so you know how many resources there are available to you. One email, or one phone call at a time I found people who could answer my questions and point me in the right direction. Remember there are no stupid questions and people are usually happy to help. Of course, it was still overwhelming and scary, but trusting I could figure it out, made it easier. I don’t want to sugar coat how difficult it is because sometimes it is very difficult. What’s important though, is how you think about it. That change of perspective can change your life.

Yes, that first step requires more than a step, it requires a leap, a leap of faith, and trust in yourself. So take a deep breath, get ready, set. Jump!  And you’ll figure it out. #Illfigureitout

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9 Replies to “Do you have the right tools to be an entrepreneur? by Renee Pedro of @crashpaddesigns”

  1. Katrina

    Great article. I will be sharing your article with my 19 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son. “I’ll figure it out” should be in everyone’s repertoire. The idea is so simple yet compelling.

  2. Katrina

    Great article. It’s true that “we figure it out” all day long. It’s such a simple idea yet so compelling. I will be sharing your article with my 19 year old daughter and 16 year old son. “I’ll figure it out” should be in everyone’s repertoire.Thanks for your words of wisdom!

    1. Renee Pedro[ Post Author ]

      Thanks, Katrina
      Great idea to share this with your children.

  3. Aunt Carol

    Way to go Renee. Excellent article and will be very helpful to those who want to venture out.

    You write well.

    1. Renee Pedro[ Post Author ]

      Thank you!

  4. KittyKatty

    Spot on. Instead of “Just do it’, it should be ‘Trust yourself to figure it out’. And it is hard work, but that is why passion is the fuel to keep going.

    Great perspective. Looking forward to more articles from you.

    1. Renee Pedro[ Post Author ]

      Thanks, KittyKatty.

  5. Colleen

    Renee, your article really hit home with me. Taking things one day at a time with my new venture and finding it’s not as overwhelming (most times). I’ll get there…in time.

    1. Renee Pedro[ Post Author ]

      Glad to hear this, Colleen. One day at a time is perfect. Good luck!
      You’ll figure it out.

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