The 80-20 Rule? More Like 90-10 for Social Media by @evassolo

7K0A0603by Elizabeth Vassolo | Featured Contributor

Social Media is the world’s largest vanity project.


Channels are flooded with people longing to have their message heard.

That’s why incorporating a 90-10 approach to your social media might be just what you need to boost your efforts.

So what exactly does 90-10 mean?

It means, spend 10% of your social media time talking about yourself and the other 90% paying attention and listening to your network.

It’s simple human psychology. People love the people who make them feel good.

Reply to other’s tweets, and RT their great info. Make them feel like a valued part of your community and let them know they are heard. And then watch your reach grow.

Why 90-10? 

Because Social Media is not a Ron Popeil Set it and Forget It Rotisserie Cooker.

You can’t just time your tweets through a management deck and call it a day.

Your network expects more. And they expect a response in real time. And if you want them to pay attention to you, you must pay attention to them.

Now you may think that the 90-10 rule is extreme. And it kind of is, but if you keep it in mind you will begin to start talking less and listening more.

And by “listening” more, you will start to learn about your audience and ultimately craft messages that solve the problems of your prospects.


Elizabeth Vassolo Elizabeth Vassolo: I’ve been a part of social media from the beginning. First as part of Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal digital launch team and now as an agency owner and Social Media consultant and guest speaker.

My advertising, branding and social media firm Vim, Vigor & Vassolo helps small to mid-size businesses overcome their communication challenges and shows them how to make their social media and digital presence work for them.

I also work as a digital consultant to other marketing firms and advertising agencies. And I’m the on-camera social media expert for PBS’s Illinois Business This Week.

When I’m not tweeting, blogging or branding, I’m reading, walking my dog, traveling and giving tram tours at the Morton Arboretum.

Let’s connect @evassolo.

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2 Replies to “The 80-20 Rule? More Like 90-10 for Social Media by @evassolo”

  1. Judy Yaron PhD

    Indeed, Elizabeth, a super approach that works in every aspect of Life – and the best part is that it makes you feel good as well. THANKS 🙂 HUGS <3

    1. Elizabeth Vassolo[ Post Author ]

      Thank you, Judy for your comment. I agree. More paying attention to others and less focusing on ourselves makes everyone happier.

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