Take Inventory (not of your business) and Give Credit where Credit’s Due

 Photo Credit: Parker Knight via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Parker Knight via Compfight cc

by Yaritza Delorenzo

I recently began meditating, something I’ve been wanting to do for years. In the last year, it kept coming up in books I’ve been reading whether business books or personal improvement (this is what I read 95% of the time). Coincidentally, I’ve been the most stressed the last 9 months. I took on homeschooling my 3 kids along with running my virtual assisting company from home as I’ve done the last 9 years. I love doing both but it doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed.

I say “coincidentally” but I don’t really believe in coincidence. If you pay attention, hardly anything in your life is a coincidence. We think and daydream about things. We contemplate them and sometime later…boom! It shows up in your life. Why? You called it to you. You attracted it. Some call it “the law of attraction.” If you prayed for it, God answered it. If you meditated on it, your energy gravitated towards it or…whatever.

I don’t have time during the day to meditate so I began doing it the only time I can: at bedtime. I was having trouble falling asleep with all the to-do’s running through my head and medication is a no-no so meditation was the way to go.

I came across a recording that focused on self-affirmations and taking responsibility for your current life. It made you repeat “I’ve created the life I have” or something to that effect.

I contemplated on it after and realized “I HAVE created the life I have now!”

I began to focus on all that I’d accomplished (I’m guessing that was the purpose of this particular mediation session.) I began listing them and realized that everything I have now, I wished for or dreamed of in my young adult years.

Oh my gosh! I’m living the life I dreamed of! I have everything I’ve always wanted. What is there to complain or worry about?!

As women we’re wired to fix, nurture, support, and worry. It’s not in our nature to brag or pat ourselves on the back and/or give ourselves some well-deserved compliments. We do so much for others. We give so much of ourselves. Yet we don’t give ourselves the credit for it all.

So I ask you today:

Does your business provide an income? Does it give you satisfaction? Do you have great clients? Are you and your loved ones healthy? Do your children laugh, sing, and dance? Do they bring you joy? We worry about them constantly and often wonder whether or not we’re doing a good job. If you and your children or loved ones are healthy and happy that is a sign that you’re doing a great job. Even more than that- you’re blessed!

Are you healthy, happy, and accomplished?

Have you pulled through tough times triumphantly and landed with your 2 feet on the ground?

You did it! You’ve accomplished it! You ARE successful!

Pat yourself on the back and “say what you wanna say…let the words come out!” like Sara Bareilles sings “I wanna see you be brave!”. (if you need inspiration and some laughter watch her video).


Yaritza LebronYaritza Delorenzo is the Co-Founder and Principal Accountant at BusySuperVA. BusySuperVA offers an all-in-one business management system with specialized virtual assistants in 3 core areas: accounting, online marketing and business management. You can read more of Yaritza’s posts on www.busysuperva.com or follow her on Twitter.com/YariLeb.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Yaritza,

    BIG fan of meditation here for these reasons you note. Truth serum 101. Expand your awareness, give yourself credit, be grateful for victories and most of all, detach from outcomes – which meditation helps you do – and your suffering will decrease.


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