The Highs, Lows, and Uh Ohs of Creating an Intimate National Tour

Photo Credit: Derek K. Miller via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Derek K. Miller via Compfight cc


by Vernetta R. Freeney

In the previous 6 months, we discussed creating, planning and executing an intimate national tour. Now we’re going to venture into exploring the benefits and results your business will reap from creating one. The journey to pull off a successful tour is not one without missteps and frustration. But you can count on reaping rewards and results that will propel your business as the trendsetter within your niche.

Before you can reap what you sow from the tour let’s review what you can expect to happen during and after the process.

The highs of creating an intimate national tour are:

  • Satisfaction in seeing your idea become reality
  • Positive feedback about not just your event but the opportunity to work with you in the future
  • You made a profit thus creating a new stream of income for your business

The most effective way to ensure you are able to get all three from your intimate national tour is to have a solid plan in place. To do that is to follow what we discussed in the previous series.

The lows of creating an intimate national tour are:

  • Last minute cancellations and changes to the event
  • Low turn out
  • Someone mimicking your event and hosting a similar one around the same time

You have no control over cancellations from the venue or someone copying your idea. You however can control the turn out. Mastering a marketing plan is the best way to fill the seats for each tour stop.

The Uh ohs of creating an intimate national tour are:

  • Over budget
  • Cancelling or rescheduling a tour stop
  • The idea was not researched enough and it totally flopped

The best way to avoid any of the above from happening is to do the research and planning beforehand. Also don’t forget your tour should be a compatible extension of your existing business.

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge of the lows and uh ohs. You should be able to better prepare for the “just in case” situations that will arise.


Vernetta R. Freeney- Tour Creator Extraordinaire

VernettaVernetta R. Freeney is an award-winning blogger and Editor in Chief/Blogpreneur of I am also the creator of the award winning Fusion Tour and speaker on how to build a signature National Tour and building your platform via your blog.

My life now is about combining all of my passions (travelling, connecting women and giving back) into one big gift to the world. And that’s what I plan to do.

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