The Way to Start your Day by @timewithtammy

The Way to Start your Day

by Tamela Duncan | Featured Contributor 

Most people will tell you they don’t like mornings. Humans report feeling tired, hurried, anxious and negative, the very moment they roll out of bed. That negative energy that you emit first thing stays with you and impacts those around you. It’s okay that it takes a little time to get going, but like it or not – we all have to do mornings. Albeit, it takes some a bit longer to wake than others, but research has found that mental attitude is the real culprit of mornings. So, instead of focusing on the aggravation you feel simply from having to start your day; here are a few tips to make that start more pleasant.

  1. Rise thirty minutes before you need to get going

– Give yourself extra time in the morning so you are not anxious and feeling rushed

– Feeling hurried is the #1 reason people are irritable and don’t enjoy mornings

  1. Drink a full glass of water

– Your body has been dehydrating thru the night and needs replenishing

  1. Listen to Music

– Instead of putting on the television, or checking those emails let your body feel the music

– Music reduces stress and anxiety

– Music creates a positive sensation inside the body

  1. Move your body just a little bit

– Dance, stretch, take a walk or just jump up and down

– 10 minutes of body movement increases energy, gets your lymph nodes working, and improves mental clarity

  1. Meditate

– Take a few moments for silence, relaxed breathing, prayer, or gentle contemplation

  1. Start your day with Gratitude

– Write down 3 things for which you are grateful (or at least say them to yourself)

– Having gratitude releases positive chemicals in the brain and body

  1. Smile: at yourself and the world

– The simple act of smiling releases feel-good chemicals

– It improves mood, reduces stress, and even boosts productivity

Mornings have a different feel than the rest of the day. They are calmer, more quiet and gentle. It is an opportunity to start with good energy that can help carry you through as the day speeds up and the demands increase. Give yourself the gift of starting your day with a positive mental attitude and a little self-care. (And…there’s always coffee)

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