7 Tips To Navigating the Roller Coaster of Being a Mompreneur from Home

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7 Tips To Navigating the Roller Coaster Ride of Being a Mom-preneur from Home

Being a mom is a full-time job, but what happens when you combine it with an entrepreneur? As a mom-preneur who works as an artist from home, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of balancing my creative passion, family responsibilities, and the daily chaos that comes with being a mom, homemaker, and wife. Join me on this humorous journey as I share my insights and strategies for navigating the roller coaster ride between work and home.

The Juggling Act

When you’re a mom-preneur, multitasking becomes your middle name. Picture this: I’m in my home studio, paintbrush in one hand; and a phone pressed to my ear. Meanwhile, the children are fighting in the next room, and dinner is simmering on the stove (more like burning. But that’s a different subject matter to discuss another time). It’s a balancing act that requires finesse and a sense of humor. Some days I feel like a circus performer, juggling multiple roles with a smile, but who doesn’t love a good show?

Time To Focus

One of the biggest challenges I face as a work-from-home mom is managing my time effectively. With school-age children, I often find myself caught between deadlines, laundry piles, grocery lists, and school activities. My planner is my secret weapon! As an artist, I need time to paint, so I have blocked time on my calendar for when I am working so that I don’t book doctor appointments, school activities etc… during those times. I change my work times throughout the week to attend certain special events but even with color-coded schedules and reminders, there are moments when chaos prevails.

The Mystery of Interruptions

As an artist, finding the perfect flow is essential for creativity to flourish. Unfortunately, life with kids has its way of throwing curve balls and shattering that tranquillity. Just when I’m immersed in my masterpiece, a voice interrupts, asking for help with homework, a snack or a ride somewhere. It’s an art in itself to seamlessly transition from painter to problem-solver, but I’ve learned to embrace these interruptions as opportunities for connection and bonding.

The Mom-Guilt Dilemma

Mom-guilt is an unwelcome companion that plagues many moms, and mom-preneurs are no exception. While pursuing my artistic dreams, I occasionally wrestle with guilt about not dedicating every waking moment to my children. But then I remember that my passion sets an example for them—a lesson about pursuing dreams, embracing creativity, and finding joy in one’s work. I am showing them that you can have your cake (family) and eat it too (career).

Embracing Imperfection with a Smile

Perfection is overrated, especially in the world of a working mom. I’ve learned to embrace imperfection with a smile and a healthy dose of self-acceptance. My home may not be magazine-worthy, it’s occasionally cluttered, offers a thrilling Lego minefield adventure on the floor, and has the faint scent of half-finished art projects lingering in the air. But you know what? It’s a home filled with love, creativity, and laughter. And that’s something far more precious than pristine countertops and perfectly arranged throw pillows.

Finding Balance

Achieving a balance between work and home life is a never-ending dance. To maintain sanity and keep the creativity flowing, I’ve found and followed my SOS strategy that helps:
Set boundaries – Outsource – Self-care: Following the SOS allows me to have the space to recharge my creative batteries and take care of myself. Whether it’s stealing moments for a bubble bath, enjoying a glass of wine with girlfriends or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee in the morning before everyone wakes up, self-care is non-negotiable. Asking for help is key and after all, a happy mom-preneur is a better entrepreneur and parent.

Comedy Central

Humor has been my saving grace throughout this journey. It’s the laughter that echoes through my home that has become the glue that binds my family together. It’s the inside jokes that only we understand, the uncontrollable giggles during impromptu TikTok dance offs, and the shared memories of the times when life didn’t go as planned. Laughter keeps me from crying! Whenever frustration strikes while working on a painting, I take a step back, seek out one of my mischievous kids, engage in silly antics, and laugh until I’m on the verge of an embarrassing accident (yes, I may have peed my pants from laughing so hard a time or two). But lo and behold, when I return with dry undergarments and a beaming smile, the painting communicates with me in an entirely new language, and all my troubles with it vanish. Laughter truly is the most extraordinary medicine.

From a young age, Angela Dallago has always been fascinated with water. Swimming in a pool, watching the light reflect off the waves from the beach and taking trips on her parent’s boat brought Angela so much joy as a child. Painting is a way for Angela to feel close to the water in her art and her heart. In 2017 Angela became a full-time artist, and being largely self-taught this was a significant leap of faith, she hasn’t looked back since. When not busy painting Angela will likely be found enjoying the beautiful outdoors that British Columbia has to offer with her husband and two children.

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