Toning Your Body and Your Business by @Jenni_Hulburt

by Jenni Hulburt

You want focus, tenacity, and drive. In fact you don’t just want it – you need it, and you need it now. Business success is bliss.

You know you have it in you, and you’ve been talking about it forever. It was on last year’s resolution list. Lose weight, get in shape, tone up. So what are you waiting for? A trainer? A program? Your spouse? Maybe it’s time to go ahead and just get moving, to do what you’ve been wanting to do for so long, and tone your body and your business.

Having a fit body and a hot business can go hand-in-hand, but you won’t get either one by simply talking about it. You already know that – just like everything else in life, you have to do it and move with it. I’ve heard some terrific rationalizations and excuses from would-be fit and successful people. “I’m busy, tired, and travel too much.” So, what are your goals? “Exercise more, lose weight, and I want to have long lean muscles.” Sounds seductive.

Maybe what you really need is a goal makeover. If your goal is to get fit, get a hot body, or help millions through a passion-driven business, you’re dreaming. Don’t get me wrong, dreaming is fine, unless it interferes with action. Why not change your goal to simply this? Move.

Move is a big word. It goes beyond the push-ups and Pilates you’ll do. It’s far more challenging than squats and Spin class. It will take you places you wouldn’t have gone, and doing things you’ve been putting off doing. It might even put someone in your path who gives you a swift kick in the butt and a yoga mat or a big fat bonus check to land on.

Here’s the thing: you’ve got to move. You must do it now. It’s never too late to sign up, say yes, start it, finish it, and go for it. What do you have? A dream? An idea? An old pair of tennis shoes? A bike? A backyard? A set of dumbbells? There’s no excuse to wait. You might decide to move by going to play with your kids in the yard today, or go on the first bike ride you’ve taken in months. You might decide to start the new project, stop settling, start writing, stop complaining, start living, or stop waiting.

Our culture is obsessed with popularity, money, fame, and looks. Those things don’t matter in and of themselves because without action, you won’t get any of them for very long. One of the many reasons I’m so enthralled with moving is because it’s so much bigger than running or doing that yoga pose you’ve been trying to master. Moving makes you feel stronger, more powerful, and more ready – in all areas of your life. It reminds you what really matters in your success, and is the force behind you making it happen.

Make the time to finally move. What matters is that you follow your dreams, be alive, stroke your imagination, respect your abilities, and shine. Who knows? While you’re at it, you might just tone your body and your business.


Jenni HulburtJenni Hulburt is a Health & Fitness Coach, and creator of the Inspire Workouts. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology. Through her blog posts and videos at, she is leading the Nature Fed Wellness Movement, with the goal of inspiring people to live healthy and adventurous lives. She believes in the healing power of nature, moving your body, and living your dreams. Her motto: Move your body – change your life!


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