Call Yourself an Expert Because You ARE One and It’s Good for Business

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5 Replies to “Call Yourself an Expert Because You ARE One and It’s Good for Business”

  1. Sell More Now: 10 Ways to Be a Better Salesperson by @eMakeitHappen | She Owns It

    […] (2) Be an expert: People want to know they’re making the best decision in parting with their hard-earned money. Be an expert and customers are assured they’re making the right decision working with you. People respect authority; it gives them confidence. How do you be an expert? Share information. Answer questions. Give away knowledge. There’s loads of examples in my previous article “Call Yourself an Expert Because You ARE One and It’s Good for Business.” […]

  2. Tamura Marcille

    I was invited to give a short presentation to a corporate team (I used to work for the company and the vp was close with my former boss). We hadn’t discussed how I would be introduced, so imagine my shock when this corporate executive referred to little ol me as an expert! It took about 2 seconds to get over it and rock that presentation! =)t

    1. Emily Worden

      Tamura, that is AWESOME! Wasn’t it great feeling to say, “That’s right, I AM an expert!” then rock the presentation?! What’s your field of expertise?

  3. Corina Ramos

    I can’t call myself an expert either, although I am confident about my work, weird?

    I guess it’s because I was brought up not to brag about myself but like many others, I fumble the word out too but after reading why I should be okay with calling myself an expert, I surely will, lol :).

    Great post Emily. Have a great Thursday!

    1. Emily Worden

      Corina, thanks for your comment! My first draft of this article had a paragraph hypothesizing that women have a harder time calling themselves experts because we’re raised to be demure and modest. While men are taught bravado, women are taught to be communicators and team players. We’re told bragging is unseemly and thus I think we have a harder time calling ourselves experts. I took the paragraph out to keep the article short but I think it’s important to think about.
      I am SO GLAD you’re inspired by this article – calling yourself an expert suddenly changes the game, trust me. What is your topic of expertise?

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