G.I.F.T.S. 5 simple powerful tips to be highly effective in PRESENTations


by Pamela McCormick

As a product development specialist, I had to be creative in designing, researching, and developing new products for our industry. (When the words ‘product’, ‘specialist’ and ‘development’ are in your job title, creativity is a must.) I was also in charge of presenting these products to our National Sales Force.  It was my job to present them with the tools and “gifts” needed to help them sell more. I often thought of myself as a product cheerleader. I needed to focus their attention on the new product, make it personal, and exciting to them. Once they were charged up then I had to give the information they needed to do their job, which is to get their customers equally excited, and ready to issue purchase orders.

I used an acronym, as I often do, to present/sell the product at our National Sales Meeting in Naples, Fl. (Okay, so the use of letters is not unique. But for remembering, sometimes simpler is better.) The acronym “G.I.F.T.S.” offers tips not only for a memorable sales presentation in front of a large audience, it works well in smaller settings too. The tips can also be used when writing a piece for your target audience or giving a personal gift to a family member or friend. The goal…to have a satisfied customer backed up with some product passion.


Here is what works for me:

Get Personal.

I tapped into their emotions, and set goals.


I listened to the needs of each region and their representatives while investing the time needed to get the job done. (Or listen to the thoughts of your audience, readers, or family members).

Face time.

Be expressive. That is my normal mode so this one is easy for me. Get up on the stage. Act out a scenario. Sing. Dance. Present the facts in a way they did not expect. Focus on the most important fact first with an appropriate lead-in to get their attention. (This can easily be expressed in the written word as well).

Tell a Story.

Make them laugh. A mind at play is always creative and receptive to new ideas. (“Play” is Profitable).


I always kept them guessing as to what I’ll do next. The element of surprise in a presentation always grabs attention. (Even the nay-sayers perk up).


So whether you are planning a large presentation, writing a new piece or even presenting a unique homemade movie to your families…use your own “gifts” to make it a truly memorable one.


Celebrate your gifts…

Share your gifts…


Can you hear the applause? Can you feel the gratitude expressed?

That’s for YOU and a job well done.



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