Using the Passion Formula: Building Your Business with Empowerment

by Brooke Hart

I was recently mentoring a client who is very passionate about launching an online business. But when it comes to taking action items, it’s a different story.

When speaking with her about circumstances, she openly told me she wasn’t happy with her 9 – 5. It paid well but it didn’t fulfill her.

But when it came to building a different stream of income, she wasn’t so excited about the topic or the type of business that she was creating. It was creative, but not really her “cup of tea.”

This is a circumstance that I continuously see among networks of women as well as with those who are looking at me for answers to create and build the business of their dreams.

The question is – when did building a business of the dreams become a way to earn more income outside of a regular job?

Passion must mean more to us than finding an answer to something we dislike.

If we dig deeper, there is a solution where we are expressing the core of our being, bringing our internal dreams into action.

No two businesses are alike and there is never any competition.


When we are truly tapping into and living out the passion of our dreams, then it takes us out of the mix and into our own expression of success.

Discovering Your Passion Formula

I often say that empowerment is an internal job. When we tap into our core, we find that our source of power and our complete expression comes from what we hold inside.

This is the same space where we find our passion for life and what we really want to be and express in this lifetime.

When you look at business opportunities, look further than what you like.

  • Is this something you want to speak about every day for the next 10 years?
  • Does your business idea come from a space of belief? Meaning do you believe it will help someone, add value or create a better life where you can give as well as receive?
  • Are you driven by the concept and mission of your business?
  • Are you creative, defined by your own character and using ideas that no one else has? If not, tap into your power to find what makes you unique and reflect this in your venture.

If you don’t check the boxes for one of these then keep looking. Get into something that you know you want to reflect and which brings a better life to you and to others.

Then reflect that in your brand, products or services and with the approach you take with building a business. You will find that your business will build faster and you won’t experience burn out or a business that doesn’t achieve what you want.



Brooke Hart is an entrepreneur, strategist and marketing expert. She has worked as a digital strategist for over 12 years, assisting hundreds of businesses from launch to growth phases. She is also the founder of Angel Guard Fashion, a fashion – self-defence product line designed to empower and protect the global community by reducing violence.

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