5 Ways To Step Into Your Power (Right Now) by @SheilaViers

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by Sheila Viers | Featured Contributor

As women, we tend to think we are super human. We take on a mile long to-do list of our own while simultaneously trying to take care of everyone else’s needs on top of that.

Even though it’s part of our feminine energy to receive… we’re not great at receiving. Society has trained us to be very masculine. We think that in order to get what we want, we need to apply a lot of action and brute force.

But this is not the truth. The truth is that getting what we want isn’t about action for the sake of action, but rather it’s about stepping fully into our power.

Here are 5 ways to do exactly that, all of which, you can begin doing right this minute.

1. Let Go Of Worry

Worrying is just projecting yourself into the future, fearing imaginary scenarios that haven’t even happened. Instead of wasting your energy on thoughts that don’t serve you, shift your focus over to thoughts that do.

Use the art of “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” and pre-pave scenarios of how awesome it would be if things worked out exactly as you’d like.

Further, look at all there is to appreciate about what’s happening right now, today. There is a lot to be thankful for. Worry blocks not only our power, but our gratitude and joy too.

2. Stop Reacting

The minute you allow yourself to react to some outward influence—be it a person, thing, or experience—you give your power away.

To step into your power, you must consciously choose how you want to feel no matter the circumstance. Sometimes this feels impossible, but I promise, you can do it.

You have the choice to look for the positive or the negative in any situation, whether you are on a beach drinking mai tai’s or at your desk, preparing for a big presentation.

Yes, sometimes it’s easier than others, but just think of how strong you become when you are able to choose to be happy even in what most might consider crappy circumstances.

This isn’t just about slapping a happy face sticker on an empty gas tank. The more you choose how you feel and step into your power rather than simply reacting to what is in front of you, the more you open yourself up to opportunity. In other words, the more open and optimistic you are, the more you attract positive circumstances in the future. Like attracts like.

3. Embrace Change

Change doesn’t have to be scary and uncomfortable. I’m speaking to myself here as much as I am speaking to you. I hate change! And I resist it like the plague.

But change is necessary for expansion and none of us are on this planet to be stagnant. We are here to have desires and then manifest those desires, and then create more desires and then manifest those too.

Life = change, so the sooner we can embrace this and learn to go with the flow, the more empowered we will be about whatever changes come across our path.

4. Receive

Is it tough for you to allow yourself to receive? As driven, passionate, type-A women, we tend to think we have to do it all (ourselves). Yet letting down our guard and allowing ourselves to receive is an important part of being a balanced human being.

If we hang out in our masculine energy all of the time, we feel out of whack. It’s funny how we try to take care of everything and everyone, but then we end up resenting our commitments and relationships for this very reason.

Easing up on the go-go-go and the need to be in control all the time feels so freaking good when you just relax and give yourself permission to do it. Being empowered isn’t always about being in action. It’s ebb and flow, give and receive.

5. Apply Laser Focus

After talking about receiving, you might be confused when I say to apply laser focus because that sounds very masculine. When I refer to applying laser focus, I’m not talking about the typical things we think of like action and willpower.

What I am referring to is single-minded attention on your desires. Visualize them like it’s your job and practice what it would feel like to have them manifest right now.

We tend to think that being empowered means that we are working really hard, using determination and will to achieve our goals, but there is something extremely powerful about not trying quite so hard on the action front and spending a little more time committing to our desires in our mind.

Our emotions and our thoughts are powerful. As the saying goes, thoughts become things. So, what do you spend the majority of your time thinking about?

By applying laser focus to our desires—thinking about them as if it’s a fact that they have already happened (done deal)—we create momentum far greater than we do simply working toward achieving desires from a mindset that they haven’t happened yet.

One mindset is all about inspiration, excitement, and knowing and the other is a mindset of lack.

Choose your thoughts wisely.

What other tips do you have for stepping into your power? Share in the comments below!


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