Why You Must Volunteer At Another Tour

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by Vernetta R. Freeney

The trend happening across the country is entrepreneurs hosting national tours to reach a wider audience on a deeper level and solidify their brand as premium.

Hosting a national tour is not easy if you don’t know where to find the right information or how to get your target market there.

So how can you accomplish this?

The answer to that question is to not just attend another tour but to work behind the scenes if possible. Most tours offer opportunities for you to volunteer.

Here are 3 reasons why volunteering at a similar tour will help your tour:


1. You get ideas on how to structure your tour.

If you never hosted a tour let alone an event then you may feel overwhelmed by the priority of what to do first and how it should flow. As a volunteer you see the hectic behind the scenes workings. In fact, you are probably helping make the event look flawless. As you watch what’s happening you should take notes. Especially on what not to do.


2. You get a first row seat to see how your target audience reacts to that tour.

As you observe the audience’s reaction to how things are not only ran but the content shared, you should get a sense of what they expect and what they can live without. You should also interact with them. This helps it look less obvious that you’re scouting for feedback.


3. You get to practice without investing your own money.

As you volunteer, you should have your tour outline streaming in your mind. Imagine where you are is your tour. You can catch the mishaps and dead spots before you spend money. Then make sure they don’t happen at your tour.

As you look for tours you can be a part of, remember you’re not just there getting a tour planning crash course but you’re there to be of assistance. You never know if volunteering at another tour can help your tour make a huge impact.




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