When Failure is Your Middle Name

When Failure is Your Middle Name

by Kristianne Wargo

No one ever wants to admit that they’ve failed at something. Unfortunately, success comes from multiple failures. But what do you do when failure is your middle name?

You keep hitting the brick walls, feeling distraught and ready to give up. Oh but wait! You can’t give up! You are destined for much more than where you are.


So what can you do when failure is your middle name?


You could do what the average person does, and run for the hills. Quit before you even start again. And don’t forget to press the replay button on your negative thoughts. Doesn’t that sound like a winner to you?

Now as a woman on a mission, the above is NOT something you want to embrace. Honestly though, we do embrace it too often and change our middle name to FAILURE!


Enough is enough!


No more pity games and playing in the “oh woes me” sandbox. That’s for quitters and women who choose NOT to impact.

But YOU, beautiful friend, are ready to create your now letting the failures carry you to higher ground.


There are three simple strategies you can use to break away from the chains of failure and embrace your successful future.


1. Let Your Fail Fall

First off, give yourself permission to acknowledge and recognize what you are feeling. However, don’t linger too long. No more than 24 hours. If it’s longer, then you need to get your blood pumping so you feel alive. Go for a run or a brisk walk. Let the fresh air clear your head.

Secondly, be intentional with your failure. Let go of what has been done to you or against you. Let your failure fall. You can write out what happened and shred it into little pieces, or even burn it if you want something more dramatic.

2. Change Your Story

Where you get yourself into trouble is what you keep replaying in your head. Those thoughts can become quite disturbing. So change your story and what you are telling yourself. Take your thoughts captive and be deliberate on how you speak power in your head. The power rests in the words and how you tell your story.

Reframe your story to revive a sense of accomplishment even amidst the storm. Your failure can actually be your greatest asset. Look for that contribution in order to bring life to where you stand. Failure is the key to accelerating your dream to reality.

3. Pick Up Where You Left Off

Getting started after a failure is more than challenging. And I don’t make light of the struggles that come with failure. However, the best prescription for your success is to pick up where you left off. Simply put, what’s next?

You must get up and do what’s right in front of you. You have no reason to delay and try to figure out why the failure occurred in the first place. Get up and take that next step. Literally, that might mean, getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, because you’ve been in bed for 24 hours. No longer!


“You are created for more!
Your time to shine is NOW even when failure is your middle name!”






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