And Why Are You Waiting To Start Your Business? by @VizionsCon


by DeKesha C. Williams | Featured Contributor

What percentage of businesses are started in this country every year?

in 2010 there 27.9 million small business in the country and 52% of them are home based.  So why is it so difficult for some people to step out and do what they love.  I’ll tell it’s stinky word called FEAR.

When I think about fear I think about friends who want badly to do things but just can’t find the inner push in them to get it done.  Sometime we struggle from self confidence and sometime it’s just a matter of having someone there to push you.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.  – Mark Twain”

There are several underlying factors that may contribute to fear amongst aspiring business owners.  I talk to a few business owners recently who are looking to step out on faith and leave their full time job.  I agree that just walking away without a firm foundation in your business would a huge STEP.  So my question to them is “how are you planning on leaving your job to pursue your passion?”  Of course the number one answer is ” I have to WAIT until business picks up!”

When I think about WAITING when it comes to business development this is what I get.

That 4 letter word – WAIT – just signifies another branch of fear.

1. You WON’T

The fact that you are consdiering trying something that you’ve never done before and that’s “Starting a Business.”  The thought of this just makes you have heart palpatations.  I can understand why because starting a business is taking a huge risk.  This can be a financial risk or personal risk.  When starting a business, you’re expected to invest not only money but much of your time to get the ball rolling.  It takes dedication and commitment.  Are you ready for that level of commitment?  Don’t wait because you WON’T.

2. Agonize – This is where you’re sitting on the fence and deciding which way to go.  You know that the opportunities are unthinkable but you know that you have stability of income in a job.  Well wake up honey and shake it off because the last time I checked they were still handing out pink slips.  I still remember the day I received an email that our company ceased operations and to go home if you were located in a store.  So NO ONE is safe.  (sounds like the movies)

3. Inconsistent – I know this sounds just like you.  When you’re waiting to make a decision not only anxiety hit high gear but your thoughts and actions become inconsistent.  One mintue you’re working on the plan and pouring your energy into this new found love.  When the “newness” of the relationship wears off then it’s on to something else.  You have be GREAT at one thing and not a conquer of all things. Just focus on one step at a time.

4. Time – This is my favorite because the timining is not right.  The timing will never be right and the stars will never align perfectly.  However, you have to know in your heart that you were called in the direction that you’re headed.  If you know that YOU KNOW, then go for it and don’t WAIT.

Trust me when I say that we’ve all been there.  It’s more rewarding to look back and say that I made then to look back I say “I wish I would have.”


DeKesha C. Williams – Business Strategist, Vizions Consulting – Richmond, VA

dkI have over 17  years of experience in retail management working for organizations such as Hecht’s, Ann Taylor Loft and FootAction USA.  I received a B.A. degree in Fashion Merchandising in 1999 and recently receive a M.B.A in Finance in 2010.  For the last 4.5 years I’ve operated 13 private photography studios from Atlanta, GA to Columbia, MD and have been responsible for managing 60+ employees as a District Manager. During this time I was given the opportunity to open 6 of the 13 stores within  my first two years with the company , which included hiring, staffing and training all employees.

My skills included, but were not limited to fashion merchandising with companies such as Macys and Ann Taylor Loft. Participating in floor sets and marketing responsibilities as both manager and District Manager as well as creating sales projections and action plans for stores across 5 states for more than 3 years.

It was approximately 7 years ago that I participated in a “Spiritual Gifts” class at church and it was there that I realized that God had given me specific talents regarding administration, leadership with a “knack for motivating individuals through faith and wisdom. Although God  had revealed my talents to me, I was not prepared to embrace them. Thus I was the servant who dug a hole and buried his treasure/talent. Matt 25:14


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