Why Your Blog Might Not Be Converting Readers into Customers

by Kelly McCormick | Featured Contributor

Let’s break it down. Why do many people blog? Often it’s to position themselves as an expert, drive traffic to their website, and get new business! This is a great strategy.

But here’s the reality. Most blogs don’t convert into sales. Unfortunately, most people have no idea why all their hard work isn’t paying off. That sucks.

Does This Sound Familiar?

The other day I took on a new client. We’ll call her Carol. She owns a business providing internet based services to entrepreneurs. (I’m keeping her profile vague to protect her privacy.)

Carol has been blogging consistently for over two years. She has built up a steady following. But her loyal readers aren’t banging the doors down to hire her.

Looking at her blog here’s what I discovered. Carol’s post titles were intriguing. Excellent! Plus, she was definitely a topic expert. Wonderful! And her content was packed with lots of useful tips and information. Perfect!

But I was still left wondering…why weren’t her followers turning into buyers?

Diagnosing the Problem

After checking Carol’s posts, through the lens of an unbiased reader, several things hit me. My first insight was HUGE! Get ready for it. Here it is.

I didn’t actually know what Carol did for a living!

It got worse. The only name on the blog was a company name. If I felt compelled to find out more about this mystery blogger, who would I email or speak to?

Red flags lead me to the REAL problem. And it was a common one.

·         Carol’s company didn’t appear to be selling anything. Ouch!

Unless Carol was independently wealthy, treating her blog as a library could keep her bank balance in the red, for years. It was time for a creative solution!

Putting a Great Solution to Work

We used a powerful, yet easy to put together, marketing tool on Carol’s blog. It’s the ‘call to action box’. If you’re not familiar with the ‘call to action box’ it’s similar to an author’s bio and service description seen at the bottom of a guest post.

Here’s the big difference. The ‘call to action box’ sits at the bottom of EACH post on your own blog. The content in the box provides information about you and your services.  

Share Only the Essentials

People have short attention spans. So don’t let your ‘call to action box’ resemble a novel. Stick to the basics.

·         Include your photo. Psychologically people are attracted to a visual image before text. A photo will grab their attention.

·         If possible, use the same photo that’s on your Social Networking Avatars. It will reinforce your brand.

·         Provide your name and/or title.

·         Give a brief description of your services and/or the benefits.

·         Imbed links to other pages on your site. This can include links to the About, Services and Contact pages.

Seeing It to Believe It

This is my ‘call to action box’ from my OutSell Yourself blog.

[IMAGE #2] Kelly's Call to Action Box

Please feel free to create something similar. But, insert your own information. Unless you want to send business to me!


Kelly McCormick – Business Growth and Marketing Strategist

[IMAGE #3] Kelly McCormick_ Close Up HeadshotFrom her lawn chair in California, Kelly McCormick helps entrepreneurs and companies world-wide to grow their businesses. She loves uncovering opportunities for growth and developing branding, marketing and sales strategies, which make sense and money! 

But Kelly doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk. Kelly has owned three successful companies, the first at age 21. Over the years she has shared her wisdom at colleges, and in business and consulting programs. Kelly has also spoken at many national and international conferences, company functions, and on-line events.

Kelly’s to-do list has been big. She is the author of a Top Ten Sales book,OutSell Yourself: Ethical Business and Sales Techniques. Kelly has also written for numerous publications, including writing a monthly on-line column, on Selling to Women, for the former Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.

She’s pretty smart too. Kelly has an education in psychology and sociology. But the icing on the cake is a strong gut sense of what will work to build and market a business.

Kelly has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies to grow successful businesses. It’s the cream in her coffee. She’d love to help your business too! You can check her out at www.OutSellYourself.com.

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8 Replies to “Why Your Blog Might Not Be Converting Readers into Customers”

  1. Kelly McCormick

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Here are my thoughts. In addition to having a bio and your book on your blog, it works well to clearly state what you do and how you can help on each page.

    Stay tuned. I’m writing a blog post on How to Find Out If Your Website is Really Selling You. 🙂

  2. Mitch Mitchell

    That’s great stuff Kelly. I created kind of a bio page on my blog but I might be missing a lot by not having something like a call to action box. However, I do know that when people show up at my blog they know I am selling something since my book is in the prominent upper left hand corner. 🙂

  3. Kelly McCormick[ Post Author ]

    Hi Rachelle,

    You definitely offer a range of services, and you’re not alone. Most of the clients I work with are in the same predicament. “How do I explain all of these services, keep it brief, and interesting at the same time?” Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer.

    Here’s how I help clients to write a compelling business description. I ask a series of questions to find out more about them and their business. In your case, this would also include reading the tagline that you’ve already written.

    During a Q&A it’s amazing what gets uncovered about someone’s preferred skill set, ideal client(s) and business model. I also review a person’s website to get a flavor of their style.

    All of these factors lead to discovering, and/or refining, what really needs to be promoted and how to best describe the services.

    Without a process like this, it’s simply shooting generic solutions. The ideas may or may not hit the mark.

    Your question has inspired me to write an article on things to consider when describing a business. Stay tuned.

    P.S. In the meantime, you can hire me to put a compelling service description together. I’d love to dig in and help you. I already peaked at your website. I also read the testimonials. I like your style. “-)

  4. Rachelle Strauss

    Thanks for an inspiring article Kelly. I have my tagline all sorted, but I’m struggling to find my ‘job description’. You call yourself a business growth and marketing strategist, but I don’t have a label!

    If I build websites, offer SEO, copyediting and social media [both training as well as doing that on someone’s behalf] as well as consultancy, who am I??!!

  5. Letetia Evans

    Great tip! So glad I read this before I started my blogging campaign.

    1. Kelly McCormick

      Hi Letetia,

      Timing is everything. I too am glad that you saw my tip, before starting your blogging campaign. Here’s to your success! 🙂

  6. Karen Karo

    Thank you for this great article! A call to action box is an excellent idea. I can’t wait to get this implemented on my Internet Marketing Blog http://karenkaro.com

    🙂 ~ Karen ~

    1. Kelly McCormick

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your shout out about my article!

      Yes, call to action boxes can be powerful, when the services offered are clearly spelled out.

      Let me know how it works for you. 🙂


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