10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Investing In Elearning by @DrRKayGreen

by Dr. R. Kay Green | Featured Contributor

Training is an important part of a successful workforce. From onboarding new employees to teaching current ones new and important skills, education can help them grow and an active role in their future. But many employees resent, do not thrive in, or otherwise dislike or avoid traditional classrooms and seminars. For some, these conjure up unpleasant memories of school days, and others simply do not have the time to fit it into their schedules.

Luckily, in today’s technology-driven world, this is not the only option. More and more businesses are investing in elearning, which allows employees to become more educated than ever. Here are ten reasons that elearning is the right investment for your business.

1. Flexible

Employees are busy with more than work. Some of them have families and other obligations, and this makes adding a class with a rigid schedule and a set time difficult. Luckily, elearning reduces these barriers. Employees can take the classes whenever they want, wherever they can fit them into their schedules.

2. Employees can learn in their own way

Not every employee works well in a classroom environment. Some struggle to keep up with lectures, and others work better when they are able to review information in privacy, or pause and rewind things. Elearning makes all of this possible. Employees are able to learn on their own terms, and not just in the style that the teacher demands.

3. Faster Learning

Just as elearning can benefit people who want to take their time on assignments, it is also perfect for those who would get bored or impatient waiting for the next lecture. For people who prefer to get an entire class out of the way in one day instead of spreading it out over weeks, this is the perfect option.

4. Encourages independence

When employees are educated, they are able to make decisions with confidence. Instead of turning to a manager to ask a question, they can know what they need to do and do it. They can feel ownership of their decisions, which in turn will lead to a higher job satisfaction and an overall more productive workforce.

5. Cost-effective

Classes can be costly. And the added cost of transportation and time may not seem worth it to employees, who may begrudge any sort of mandatory learning for this reason. But elearning is more cost effective for both your employee and your business, which makes it a far more attractive option.

6. Resources are always there

Once a class is over, it is over. If you are not taking good notes and if your professor does not email it to you, you will not be able to look back on a presentation or replay a lecture. But with elearning, these things will always be there. Employees can revisit them when they are unsure or when they want to double-check something.

7. Real-Time Feedback

Instead of waiting for a professor to grade things, which can take weeks, elearning allows students to see their results immediately. They can learn from their mistakes sooner, which allows them to perform better. It also takes away some of the anxiety that can come from waiting for a test result, which may be the cause of bad school memories.

8. Interactive

When elearning, there is no “back of the class.” Students can not simply sit and coast by as more energetic students speak. This requires interaction, and each student has to take control of their own education. This can be incredibly empowering, and it also helps them learn.

9. Collaboration Encouraged

When employees are taking online courses together, they will often reach out to each other for help. This encourages a spirit of teamwork that might not yet be present in your team. If you are looking to encourage an office culture of collaboration, giving them all a class can be a great way to do so.

10. Modern and easy to interact with

Most importantly, elearning is easy for students. Everyone is used to getting information from technology these days—we get news from our phones, social feeds, and more. It makes sense that learning from technology would feel natural and easy. And this is why so many employees love it when their business invests in it.


Dr. R. Kay Green – Marketing Expert from RKG Marketing Solutions Inc. from Atlanta, GA.

Dr. KayDr. R. Kay Green is the CEO/President of RKG Marketing Solutions Inc. With over 190,000+ Twitter followers, 35,000+ Facebook Likes, and the Top 1% LinkedIn profile designation, Dr. Kay, a self-motivated trailblazer, is the Quintessential “New-Age” Professional Woman, and PhD Marketing Pro. She earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing, and has completed PhD coursework in Leadership and Organization Change. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and an Associate of Arts in Marketing Management.

She is affiliated with several prestigious universities and has instructed over 350 courses online. A popular speaker on Marketing and Business topics, Dr. Green is currently featured on Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Black News, The Network Journal, Business Review USA, Digital Journal, College View, Business New Hampshire Magazine, Bay State Banner, Reader’s Circle, North Dallas Gazette, Harlem News, Top News Today, One News Page, NE Informer, Women in Business PR News, Consumer News Today, Women PR News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Daily Herald, The Miami Herald, and Book News Articles.

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