5 Benefits of Earning Media Coverage by @ChristyALaverty

by Christy Laverty | Featured Contributor

I believe in the power of the media.

I also believe in the power of entrepreneurs.

When you put those two things together there is a great opportunity for the media, the entrepreneur and, most importantly, the audience.

If you have never thought of earning media mentions, press, and publicity before I am here to share with you some of the benefits of getting visible in the media. And hopefully, by the end of this post, I will have planted the seed in your mind and have you seeing the benefits of earning media and wanting to go after earning it for yourself.

So let’s get to it!

Here are 5 benefits of media mentions, features, and interviews

1. Serious Business Street Credibility

Earning media mentions gives you some serious visibility and brand awareness (more on that in a moment)  just because you are now getting in front of a bigger audience. It gives you credibility and legitimacy. Media mentions, coverage, and interviews help you stand out in your industry and it helps you stand apart from your competition. Think about a potential customer trying to decide between you and your competition. You have something your competition doesn’t have and that is media mentions and coverage you have shared on your media page on your website. Or better yet, you share all those media logos in your As Seen On Media banner on your homepage! Media can set you apart from the competition and gives you credibility.

2. Third-Party Endorsement

Earning media is a solid third-party endorsement because journalists do the work to check you out. Journalists do the research and by sharing you and your expertise they are endorsing you and saying you are legit!

3. Build Know, Like, Trust Factor

Earning media allows you to connect with an audience in a real authentic way. You are sharing your experience and expertise with an audience to help them live better lives. When you share via the media it isn’t about selling to them it is about sharing your knowledge.  The audience (potential new customers and clients) gets to see you in a real way. When you share information that resonates with the audience it allows them to connect with you in a way they can’t with advertising. You are building trust, allowing the audience to get to know you and, ultimately, giving them a reason to like you!

4. Cheaper & More Authentic Than Advertising

I purposely use the term earned when I talk about media. It is all about earning media with your experience, expertise, and your pitching. You are getting the media attention without paying directly for it. You earn the media mention through your work, through your connections, through your relationships and ultimately your pitch and expertise. Getting an interview on your local news station costs you nothing more than your hard work (if you are doing your own media and PR outreach) and you get access to the same audience you would if you paid to advertise on the same news station. Of course, it is important to note that advertising in the media can cost thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars.

5. Exposure, Visibility, and Brand Awareness

This is a big one. There is nothing better to expose you and your business to a bigger audience than earning media. Depending on what media outlet you get featured on, you could get in front of thousands of new potential customers. It is a ready-made audience that you get to tap into! These are likely new people who have never seen you before. You are getting visible in a big way when you are mentioned or featured in the media and you are sharing your brand (whether you are your brand or your product is your brand) and making people more aware of you and your business.


Have I convinced you there are many benefits to stepping out, getting visible, pitching and earning media?

As I share my knowledge and expertise with you here I hope to offer enough to help you see the benefits of earning media exposure, seeing your value, convincing you that everyone has a story worth sharing and that you can DIY your media outreach to earn media mentions, press, and publicity to take your business to new heights!


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