5 Secrets For Creating More Shareable Content by @lucyrk78

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by Lucy Render-Kaplan | Featured Contributor 

Social media has already done more for marketers and sales teams than traditional marketing can do, and in less than half the time. Not only can social drive people to your website (or any landing page you’d like them to visit, really!) but it exposes you to people around the world who would never have found your company. Sounds amazing, right? We know! But it also requires new skills for marketers. With hundreds of thousands of articles, videos, photos and other methods of content shared to social media platforms every minute, how do you actually break through and GET those people around the world to even see what you’re putting out?

We’re here to share the secret: the key to getting noticed on social media and gain the attention of your target audience is to create shareable posts.

Here are just a few of our tips to get you started:

  1. Create content with a specific audience in mind.

Marketers used to have to create nameless personas of their target audience. Today, we can use real, breathing people and not constructs! All it takes is a bit of social listening to learn the pain points your business solves. You will also want to employ Google Analytics. There, you can learn more about your audience like demographics, content preferences, what platforms they spend the most time on, etc.

Keep in mind: if ALL you post is information about your company, you are going to have a hard time building and nurturing relationships with your current and potential consumers. You don’t want to talk AT these consumers, you want to engage WITH them.

That’s not to say you that you can never talk about and promote your business. You have to do that. Just make sure you’re posting about other things as well, and are sharing posts from people within your target audience (when relevant). People aren’t interested in a sales pitch article all the time. Instead, we urge you to become a member of your target audience. What would YOU want to read or learn more about? Write that. Write something that helps people and your audience is more apt to share that useful post with their other communities.

  1. User Generated Content (UGC)

Getting customers involved in creating content is one of the best ways to ensure your content will be shared. Not only will you get photos and videos and testimonials to use and repurpose, this type of content increases authenticity almost immediately.

A company can tell someone how great their products are, but when a friend tells you how great a company’s products are, you are way more apt to trust them and even purchase from that same brand.

According to Adweek, user-generated content results in 29% higher web conversions and 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source. Hard to deny that UGC doesn’t guide people ready to make final purchasing decisions!

  1. Add Social Media Buttons & A Call-To-Action

Don’t you find that the most obvious answers are often the most overlooked?! A super easy way of making your posts shareable is by ensuring it’s relevant to your target audience. This will motivate them to share the people in their communities, on their social platforms and with their family and friends.

Make it easy for them to share. Always add social media buttons to the original piece of content. It doesn’t matter the medium – blog, podcast, video…the buttons should be easily found to anyone looking at the content can find them immediately.

You can add these buttons alongside your content, at the top of the article or at the very bottom. You can even design these buttons in a way that as readers scroll down the page, the button follows them dynamically.

Along the same line, you can simply ask your reader to share the content! You already know that content needs a call-to-action. Create a CTA to drive the reader to share your content. The easiest place to do this is at the end of the post. These CTAs can be clever phrases, or simply a “Book now.” If readers like what they have just read or watched, they’ll share. Especially with a tiny nudge.

  1. Tie Into Emotion

If you’re like us, you’ve definitely sent a tweet saying “I’m not crying. You’re crying.” With a hashtag to reference a commercial that just aired. Or a blog post. Or a tweet. The most successful marketing sparks strong emotional reactions within your communities. The more we research, the more we see that emotions like happiness, sadness or anger tend to engage the most people leading them to share a piece of content.

  1. Create Incentives for Sharing Your Content

People like free stuff. And they like to win things and be acknowledged as having won. So create super easy contests, encouraging social shares. Don’t overthink these – a content like this can be as simple as a Tweet with a photo that relates to your business and says, “We will pick a random person at 2pm Thursday, CST that has followed these TWO steps to win one month free at ____! 1. Follow (@yourbusiness) 2. Retweet this tweet.” For Twitter, it’s relatively easy to track shares because all you have to do is count retweets.


What types of content do YOU find works best for your business?


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