A Conversation with Dare to Evolve Author and “Dream Pusher” Latia Vaughan

A Conversation with Dare to Evolve Author and “Dream Pusher” Latia Vaughan

Latia Vaughan is having an impact on leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow as one of only 1% of African-American Women Futurists. Dubbed “The Dream Pusher,” Latia Vaughan is an award-winning entrepreneur, evolution specialist, and spiritual powerhouse bringing over 18 years of business leadership development to foster profound discovery, disrupt patterns, shatter old paradigms of thinking, drive innovation, and inspire others to access, activate, and accelerate their highest potential. A futuristic business & lifestyle coach, Latia Vaughan is making a difference through motivational and meaningful coaching techniques that help propel individuals, small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs bringing them to the next level.

With a superior grasp of marketing, training, branding, coaching, management, and development, and holding a marketing degree along with over 100 Certifications, Latia Vaughan successfully teaches and captivates individuals, small groups, and large audiences with her powerful message of how to get out of the quicksand of life, overcome the resistance of change, disrupt cycles and awaken personal super-powers in each of us. Her book, “RE:DiscoverU” Dare To Evolve, has become an essential guidebook making a difference for everyone climbing the ladder of life regardless of where their journey began. Helping individuals and teams dig deep to connect with the “high performer” in all of us, she shares her tips and techniques on how to break out of a “stuck” mindset and stop the negative stream of self-criticism that often accompanies us as we try to grow as individuals and when leading a workforce.

We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today.

This part of my journey as “The Dream Pusher” unfolded during a whirlwind of transitions in a mere two-year span. I ventured into newfound roles as a wife and mom, said goodbye to my corporate job, left behind the familiar, relocated to a different state to embark on a shared life, AND plunged into the realm of entrepreneurship. My life became a whirlwind. And in that storm of transitions, I kept asking myself “Who am I now?” I no longer knew who I was and my role because for years, I defined myself by what I “did,” instead of who I was—an invaluable lesson! Then came the epiphany: “You are not lost; you are rediscovering yourself.” This was when I wrote my best-selling book, “RE:DiscoverU” Dare To Evolve.

With this revelation, a profound shift occurred. I recognized the inherent nature of evolution—we evolve, our dreams evolve, our thought patterns evolve, our relationships evolve, our desires evolve, and our perspectives evolve. Our entire existence is designed for evolution, and within this evolution, opportunities for expansion present itself.  However, no one guided me through the art of evolving. No one sat me down and said, “Latia, what you are experiencing is normal. This is a crucial part of your evolution. Embrace this moment.” After that awakening, “The Dream Pusher” emerged—Latia Vaughan, “The Futurist,” igniting and impacting Fortune 500 companies, business owners, and individuals for over 18 years.

As an African-American Woman Futurist, I find myself in an exclusive circle, with fewer than 1% on record in North America. I take immense pride in standing alongside these world-changers and trailblazers.  My life’s dedication revolves around helping individuals and businesses discover their “STICKY”—their natural and desired attributes, abilities, skill sets, and purpose; their genius and true north. I’ve invested my time, focus,  skillset, countless research, and experience in assisting people and businesses in making informed decisions about their future.

Can you share some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your successes and failures in business?

The idea that confidence suggests an absence of humility is unequivocally false. Genuine humility involves recognizing your substantial impact while remaining humble in the face of the vastness of space, time, and the entirety of creation. However, this understanding shouldn’t deter you from embracing your own significance. In fact, it is only by operating at our fullest potential and embracing our significant role that we truly honor our calling and higher purpose.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

Believing in yourself will open up more doors than your resume ever will. Yet, while many people know that they “should” believe in themselves to feel more happiness, success, and fulfillment, for some reason, they don’t. So, for me, a larger question would be to get to the root of why billions of people truly don’t believe in themselves, and how can we address the hidden barriers that dwarf our belief?

I truly believe three major barriers to our belief are:

  1. Lack of love – for yourself
  2. Lack of awareness
  3. And, lack of action

What do you think is the single most important quality in an entrepreneur?

While many qualities, such as grit and determination are helpful, self-belief is the cornerstone of any successful entrepreneur. It is not about merely believing in your capacity to DO something, but rather in recognizing that you ARE something. And, someone worth knowing. Discover your “sticky,” and you’ll seamlessly integrate more of your authentic self into your actions. In my book “RE:DiscoverU” Dare To Evolve, I delve into the misconception that success is synonymous with titles or roles. When these roles shift, we often find ourselves feeling lost, inadequate, or labeled as failures. As a society, we’ve leaned heavily towards valuing “doing” over “being” or “becoming.”

I challenge entrepreneurs (and anyone else) to unravel the layers of their identities and embrace the beautiful qualities inherent to themselves. This belief forms your foundation. I like to say, “set your sails and believe in all of the beautiful and unique qualities that you have to guide you to the win; even the ones that you want to grow into.”  This approach creates a subconscious connection with pursuits that resonate naturally with you, without force. The result is success and fulfillment, which is a goal worth pursuing at all times.

What can you tell our readers about what’s next for yourself and your company?

There are a few things my team and I are working on that are quite juicy! The U-Network is expanding our territory with a deeper reach, igniting the world that leads people to their own remarkable evolution — whether for one’s self or for businesses. Everything we touch helps corporations, celebrities, high-achieving professionals, and everyday dreamers evolve. As a Futurist, my goal is to help organizations and people make great decisions that can shape and embrace the future they desire to see.

I’ll be speaking at some incredible events, such as the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit in Las Vegas this April. I am also excited about my forthcoming podcast, which will launch this year. This year I also will announce some really big LIVE events and immersive experiences that have been in development, so people can be “in the room” where the magic is happening!

How do you boost your self-esteem in moments of doubt?

I take on the mindset of a winner, thinking “Tia, you were made to win. You were born to win. Winning flows through your veins! And, even if you lose a match; you still haven’t lost the race!” I have found that you can build your belief by creating a winner’s framework for life and business. To do so, you have to Think on the Win, See the Win, Speak the Win, Feed the Win, and Accept the Win.

When individuals wrestle with imposter syndrome; oftentimes they lose faith in themselves, because the “wins” they experience have faded from their view. They have become blind to the victories, both significant and small, that they’ve achieved, or they might find themselves stuck in a cycle of continual setbacks. It feels as if moments of greatness, transformative changes, and strokes of “good luck” have been generously distributed to everyone but them.

To break this pattern, take a moment to focus and reflect: What does winning look like for you at this very moment, encompassing both the grand and the minute? Accumulating these small victories gradually enhances your ability to stack your wins! And, the more wins you “stack” – both large and small – your belief in yourself will grow in your mind, subconscious, and heart space… paving the way for more triumphs. When this transformation occurs, celebrate your victories and truly believe in your capabilities. Rather than dwelling in a cycle of consecutive “losses,” nurture the win by redirecting your focus and embracing a paradigm shift towards experiencing a series of consecutive wins. Acknowledge and accept the win.

Life is a marathon, featuring numerous victories, occasional false starts, and perhaps some setbacks that may tempt you to throw in the towel. Regardless, always recognize that you are a winner. Winning naturally emanates from within you and radiates to others.  It’s crucial to acknowledge that in different seasons, you may possess the strength, momentum, and strategy to sprint, while in others, you might be walking or even crawling. However, the ultimate goal remains constant: make a move. The finish line awaits your arrival, and victories in various aspects of life—be it in business, healing, inner peace, financial freedom, finding your voice, building your family, fostering relationships, or discovering your purpose—hold significance. Let your wins propel you forward, serving as motivating factors that declare, “I’ve got this! Winning is attainable for me, and I won’t allow anything or anyone, not even myself, to forfeit my future.” Honor your pace and run an exceptional race.

What advice would you give your younger self when starting this journey?

Be self-aware and know that collaboration has immense value.  Reflecting on my journey, one incident from many years ago still makes me cringe. When I first entered the business world, I attended a massive conference featuring a woman I deeply admired. The fact that I even made it to the conference felt like a miracle. During the break, this powerhouse entrepreneur, known for building multi-million-dollar businesses, gracefully navigated the crowd, stopping at my table. She turned her attention to me and asked for my name, and my nerves got the best of me. In a moment of panic, I introduced myself as “Latia Vaughan, the Dream Pusher,” launching into a desperate plea for an opportunity before being abruptly halted by her saying: “STOP. SOUNDING. DESPERATE.”

The awkward silence that followed felt like an eternity. That moment, though embarrassing, was a pivotal revelation in my career. Despite having degrees in marketing and branding, it was this experience that taught me how I came across to the world. I realized that many people, like me at that moment, are unaware of how their pitch and introduction are perceived by those in positions of power.  The spotlight she shone on me exposed my insecurities and projected a sense of lack, not abundance. Looking back, I wish I had led with a confident “WIN/WIN” approach—introducing myself, stating what I do, and highlighting how I could benefit her.

In today’s world, where many clamor for opportunities, true collaboration involves offering value rather than seeking charity. People in positions of power prefer partnerships, not charity cases. If I could redo that moment, I would focus on demonstrating the mutual benefits of collaboration.  Fast forward to today, and the woman I once embarrassed myself in front of has become a mentor, sister, and colleague. It’s a lesson well learned, highlighting the transformative power of self-awareness and the importance of approaching opportunities with a mindset of collaboration and value.

What advice would you give to a new business owner?

A key nugget of wisdom I would offer to a new business owner is to prioritize building a strong foundation—adopt the approach of building up before branching out. If you find yourself with multiple visions and a multifaceted approach, resist the temptation to spread your efforts thin across various pursuits because a fragmented strategy often results in staying on a lower playing field with modest results.  To establish a solid structure for your business, concentrate on solidifying your foundation in one area. Choose a specific focus and stay committed to it. Take Jay-Z, for example, he picked a discipline, committed to it, and built it up before diversifying. And look where he is now!  Equally important is to allow your dreams the space to grow.

Which female leader do you admire, and why?

Oprah. Oprah. Oprah. Oprah… and ummm… OPRAH!

Beyond her brilliance, wisdom, and profound impact across generations and influence in many domains such as media, business, and television/film, Oprah’s journey is far from complete. It would be a profound honor for me to connect with Oprah on the very topics we’re exploring in this article—belief and evolution. These concepts are interconnected and reflect the broader interconnectedness of all of us.  As a Futurist, I envision a collaborative effort with Oprah to create a transformative experience that shakes and awakens the hearts, minds, and souls of those caught in repetitive cycles and patterns– a soul-stirring experiences tailored for those ready to awaken their higher consciousness and finally manifest the life they’ve dreamt about, not settling for the one they’ve merely accepted.  Plus, I just LOVE HER!

Do you have a favorite quote or motto that inspires you?

There are many quotes that have inspired me, however, the one that comes to mind right now is from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” This is truly a beautiful and moving depiction of evolution.

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