Dramatically Increase Productivity with Morning Journaling


by Lisa Illman 

Journals are long time best friends of some of the most successful business folk. Lists, ideas, goal setting, idea inspiring, creative writing and more can be captured in our pages of daily digests. Through writing, individuals remember daily tasks, plan out strategies, inspire ideas and generate strategies for business development. It would seem logical then that morning journaling can specifically have positive effects on the outcome of my day; this is why I started the habit of morning journaling. Here are the productive results that motivate me to keep this wonderful habit-forming action.


Begin with Gratitude

Many times, my morning journaling begins or ends with a gratitude section. It is no secret that the more we are grateful for, the more will come our way. It is also such a wonderful practice in building a foundation on a glass half full; what better way to seize the day than with a grateful heart!


Create a Successful Day

When I journal in the morning I literally lay out my day as if my achievements are happening as I write. I jot down how I feel as I accomplish each goal, which creates a positive outcome for my subconscious and conscious mind to begin with. Instead of a simply having a ‘to do list’, I motivate myself with inspiring affirmations and the feelings that come with the day I am planning. An excerpt from my morning journal this morning is a great example of creating a successful day.

“Today I enthusiastically write my articles for ShowOwnsIt.com that include December, January and February. As each article is complete, I am more energized and motivated to write the next. Creative writing surges through me, and I am excited to share my ideas and best practices with other aspiring business women.”


Organize Thoughts and To Do Lists by Priority

It is so tempting to rush into the day by hastily writing a to do list of bullet points that are unorganized and frantic. Through morning journaling, I am able to write about my goals, my dreams and how each ties into the other. I frequently ask myself, “How can I accomplish my dreams with my goals today?” From here, I write out a strategy almost effortlessly. Now I am ready to write a to do list that is prioritized and content rich. In my to do list are the tasks and actions that support my dreams and goals. A wonderful feeling of accomplishment pours over me at the end of the day as I see my commitment to my life. Even if I wrote a to do list the night before (which I sometimes do to prepare ahead of time and allow my subconscious to work it’s magic when I sleep), I can go back to this list and adjust accordingly. Everything starts to jive between my intentions and inspirations.

Morning journaling does not have to have the same structure each day. In fact, I highly recommend changing it up a bit. Some mornings I might spend thirty minutes writing on gratitude alone; or perhaps creating a successful day with which includes an afternoon gratitude meditation. However your morning journaling manifests itself is going to lead you to new results. Mornings and journaling combined are a wonderful duo; I encourage anyone to give it a try as you embark on a new year! Like me, you might find new prosperity, enhanced joy and a more serene overall life.




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6 Replies to “Dramatically Increase Productivity with Morning Journaling”

  1. Lisa Illman[ Post Author ]

    Debra, thanks so much for your words and a big shout out to your 25 lb Main Coon babies!

    thank you so much for the two thumbs up comment jsallette!

  2. jsallette

    Great article… This must read article is chock full of tips for the novice and the seasoned writer. Thanks for taking the time to share such helpful advice.


  3. Debra Eve

    I love that question, “How can I accomplish my dreams with my goals today?” Another friend of mine asks, “What three things can I do today to move closer to my dreams?”

    For me, moving beyond a GTD mentality always works better than a mere to-do list. I’ll definitely try your method.

    And as a fellow cat lover and mom to two 25-lb Maine Coon boys, I applaud your work, Lisa!

  4. Lisa Illman[ Post Author ]

    thanks guys, it is so nice to meet you both too!

  5. Nathan Ohren

    Love your article, Lisa!

    Especially enjoyed your suggestions on making the journal-writing habit a priority, so that the rest of your day is better prioritized, and organized!

    There’s also a great tool to help people with reflecting back on their 2014, and making the most of 2015. You might want to check it out. Free Download available for a limited time. http://www.TinyUrl.com/JournalKit.

    Nice meeting you!
    Nathan Ohren http://www.Write4Life.us/JournalTalk

  6. SallyE, iPad Assistant

    Hi Lisa,
    Your article caught my eye because I do morning journaling, too. Your method is to plan your day, but I use ToDoist for that. I use my journaling to talk about my past day and how it went and what I need to do for myself today. It’s a wonderful practice, just as you say. Thanks for the reminder of all it means to me. –Sally. BTW, I use Day One on my iPad. You?

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