Entrepreneurial Advice From 13 Business Experts




Entrepreneurial Advice From 13 Business Experts


Our 13 business experts weigh in with their entrepreneurial advice to help you move your business forward. Great podcast episodes for your business success. Let’s dive in to what they have to say!


Leadership and Employee Engagement for Small Business

Since the pandemic, leadership and employee engagement for small business has become even more important as the workplace has changed so much in the last couple of years.   Our expert, Kristin Deese, the founder of Catalyst Consulting and Mind Your Business Academy is just the person who can guide you through any struggles you may have about leadership and employee engagement. Listen to her podcast here.


Learning to Bet on Yourself as a Solopreneur

Former Corporate stratagist, Dennis Geelen, talks about learning to bet on yourself as an entrepreneur.   We discuss the transition between Corporate life and life as a solopreneur, the mistakes made and the lessons learned. Listen to the podcast here.


From a Startup to Franchise Success

In this podcast with Susie Matheson and Christy Ford we talk about their journey from a startup to franchise success, launching The Scout Guide.   From zero to 74+ franchises, we talk about they got started with no previous experience in franchising and the success of their franchise program in just a few years. Listen to this podcast here.


Why Women Entrepreneurs Should Start a Podcast

The question is why should women entrepreneurs start a podcast, because running a business is hard enough!  Kelly Smith, host of The Podcast Launch Pad and co-host of the Geek Girl Soup podcast explains how a podcast boosts authority, gives the host social proof, helps you expand your audience and allows you to promote your business. If you are an entrepreneur you can become an influencial podcaster! Listen to this episode here.


Surviving Drama, Trauma, and Chaos in Family Business; How to Ride the Waves to Business Success

Surviving drama, trauma and chaos in family business is familiar to many who run family businesses.  Our expert, Anthea Mumby took over her family insurance business in her 30’s and increased the revenue to millions.   During that time, she experienced drama, trauma and chaos but learned how to ride the waves to business success and so can you! Listen to Anthea here.


A Year of No – Moving from a To-Do List to My I Don’t List!

Can you move from a to-do list to an I don’t list and try a year of no?  Our guest podcast expert, Sarah Greener, who was a people pleaser and doer who never said “no” found that she was getting completely burnt out.  After a year of no, she transformed how she ran her businesses and now has got rid of that complete overwhelm. Listen to Sarah’s episode here.


Building Your Business on Social Media

Building your business on social media is all about being visible and consistent with your social media strategy.   Our guest expert, Chris Molenaar has done just that.  From no social media presence to building a strong personal identity on YouTube, facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, Chris has grown his real estate business and network to almost 100 agents across Canada and Internationally. Listen to the tips from Chris here.


The Number 1 Block to Making More Money in Your Business

Many entrepreneurs struggle financially but there is an aswer that we will explore with Ann Noler Harris and that is the number 1 block to making more money in your business. Ann Noler Harris helps her clients clear their blocks in order to have a successful business. Listen to this podcast here.


How to Ask for What You Want (and get it!)

Sometimes women find it difficult to speak up and find their own voice.  Our podcast guest, Karen Laos, a communications expert, talks about how to ask for what you want.  After you listen to this podcast you will be able to communicate, get to the point and learn how to ask for what you want! Listen to Karen’s great advice here.


How to Write a Book and What it Can Do for Your Business

How to write a book as a new author might seem very scary and a very big task.  Larissa Soehn, who is a top selling author of science fiction and “how to” books, explains how to write a book and what it can do for your business.   Don’t delay, listen to this great podcast and get your book written before the end of the year!


How to Succeed With a Virtual Assistant

As with anyone you hire to help you with your business, it’s important to know the basics.  One of the first hires is usually a VA.  So how to succeed with a virtual assistant?   Our expert, Le-An Lai Lacaba, winner of the Stevie Award 2021 Employer of the Year, talks about the in’s and outs of how to succeed with a virtual assistant. Listen to Le-Ann here.


Responding to Conflict in Transformative and Restorative Ways

Responding to conflict in transformative and restorative ways isn’t always easy.  Our podcast guest, Henry Yampolsky, J.D., best-selling author, mediator, educator, lawyer and keynote speaker is just the person to guide entrepreneurs in particular and people in general, to resolve conflict. Go to the special offer section to get a discount on Henry’s award winning book. Listen to how Henry explains resolution to conflict.


Getting Started with Social Media Ads

Social media ads can be confusing for entrepreneurs.   Which platform is best for entrepreneurs and when are you ready for social media ads.  Our guest expert, Christina Batipps from Idea Brush will help you with the right social media strategy for your business. Christina’s episode is here.


Summing it All Up

You won’t get a better group of business experts than the 13 fabulous people who have lent their time and expertise to help you move your business to the next level. We hope you have enjoyed these podcast episodes.





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