Great Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs

Fantastic Thoughts from Business Experts

Fantastic Thoughts from Business Experts


Podcasts are an excellent way to learn about different topics to help you in your business. The great thing about podcasts is you can listen to them when you are driving, working out at the gym, doing necessary but boring tasks at work or plain relaxing or going for a walk.

We have some great podcasts you don’t want to miss. Here they are:


How to Use Your Face and Body Analysis to Create Impact Without Exhaustion and Self Sacrifice

Tammy Cho is a Self Love Embodiment Guide, Psychosomatic Therapist, Speaker, Coach and Healer who uses a proven face and body analysis system to help authentic, ambitious leaders reconnect to their body, heal their past and create impact without exhaustion and self sacrifice.

In this podcast Tammy uses her techniques to help women connect between their soul’s work and their body? You will learn all about face and body analysis so you can create a better life without exhaustion and self sacrifice. You will live each moment with JOY. Listen to this podcast here.


The Paradox of Success: Why so Many “Successful” Women Hate Their life and What to do About it

Tamsen Taylor runs a Mom’s group in her local area with over 4,000 members. The topic of the Paradox of Success became a successful book launched this summer as a result of discussions in this Mom’s group. Tamsen found that many Moms, who were also entrepreneurs, were caught in this paradox. But there is a way out and Tamsen’s mission is to help women entrepreneurs feel successful. To learn for yourself how to achieve success, listen to the podcast here.


How To Use SEO To Increase Your Sales and Leads

In this podcast, digital expert, Brandon Leibowitz of SEO Optimizers talks about how to get found online with easy SEO strategies.

Brandon explains you can achieve the first page of google and be top of minds with easy organic search.   It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on Google Ads if you follow Brandon’s secrets to understanding how Google actually works. So no more writing blogs that disappear into cyberspace and do nothing for your business! To find out more, listen here.


Technology Overload

Yes, we can get completely overwhelmed with the bombardment of messages from our personal and work emails, text messages, facebook, instagram, TikTok and Linkedin. How much of your day is swallowed up with chasing your tail in the digital world? We end up being far less productive than we should be.

How would you like to work less and free up time to enjoy a personal life with friends and family? Rob Krecak explains how to we can all achieve a much less stressful and more joyful life.

He talks about:

  • What is technology overload, and how can we reduce it?
  • What are some ways that technology is impacting our relationships?
  • Are there any ways that technology is making us less productive?
  • What is the simplest thing that someone can do to improve their technology use?

Does this sound like something you would like to  listen to?





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