Fast-Track to Your “Healthy Self”


Did you make a resolution this year to get healthier or more fit?

If you did, at this point in time you’re in one of three categories:

  1. Succeeding and holding strong in your resolutions
  2. Started and lost momentum
  3. Haven’t started yet

If you’re in the first category- keep up the great work and hold strong! Consistent effort always wins.

This post is for those of you in the other two categories. Statistics say that ninety percent of people end up in categories 2 and 3, so—


You’re not alone.

It happens to everyone. Even those with the healthiest habits lose momentum at different times of the year, even if it’s just for a little while.

Maybe you didn’t lose momentum at all—maybe you’re just getting started and you need a little push. Here’s how to fast-track those healthy habits so you can get into the swing and hold on to them this year!


Regarding food:

  1. Throw it out. Give away or throw away any indulgences you no longer want to eat. If it’s not around, you won’t eat it.
  2. Keep it out. Don’t restock any junk. Most likely, when that unhealthy craving hits you won’t have the time or energy to go out and buy it right then. You’ll have to grab something else—which will be a healthier option if you follow my next tip.
  3. Stock it up. Stock your kitchen and office with the right food so you have it when you’re hungry. Shop for at least four healthy dinners each week, and make extra. Then you’ll be able to warm something up quickly on a couple of nights and save time in the kitchen. Or, bring it to work the next day so you have healthy food at your fingertips.

Catch a few more details here:



Regarding exercise:

  1. Make room. Take a look at your schedule for the week. Put your workouts on your calendar. Stick to your plan.
  2. Accept reality (and do it anyway). It’s always hard to get started or get back into it. But, as long as you do start you’ll be good to go. Just give it some time and you’ll get into the groove.
  3. Be kind. You may feel you don’t have the energy to exercise. It’s OK. Allow yourself to go at a slightly lower intensity for now. Give it a few workouts and you’ll start to feel more energy because you’re exercising. Ramp it up when you feel your body is ready. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to progress in this way.

I’ve got a little more encouragement for you on exercise if you need it, right here.


It’s a secret of those who are successful—

It’s not how far you fell off track, it’s how fast you get back on track that makes success happen.

Start eating right and exercising today. If you make the right choices more times than you make the wrong ones, the scale will literally weigh in your favor.




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