Finding Your Soul Vibe


by Mary Gladish

Now that you have your body on the road to detoxing and re-energizing your cells let’s go a bit deeper. Over the last 10 years we have heard all about empowerment and your vibe is your tribe but what does that exactly mean and how can you determine your vibe? Your inner vibe, I refer to it as your “Soul vibe” is your inner guidance system and your core energy source. We as a society have never really been taught how to access it and how to control your Soul vibe. A lot of you will be turned off or eye roll for this next section but I promise if you keep reading I will bring it back to practical and show you how you can consciously change and maximize your energy vibe.

So what is energy vibe as it relates to the body? You hear all kinds of kooky stuff out there so I’m sticking to the basics and how it relates in science and physiology. The world runs on vibrations frequencies and so do your cells, for example, your liver runs at 317.83 Hz, your kidney runs at 319.88 Hz, your brain runs at 315.8 Hz, an old-fashioned light bulb with a white-hot filament when it’s on runs at 60 Hz, so you get the point. Your body has a whole has energy frequency too, happy, sad, depressed, it all plays a part in how your body and life vibe.

There is class after class out there teaching you how to read energy or do reiki. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

What I am going to introduce you to is how to move and increase your own energy.

See I don’t buy into the whole all energy is the same, I have had an energy treatment and they are like “Oh, your energy is so flowing…blah, blah but I have never felt any different most of the time, once or twice I felt it for a short time after I left lighter. My problem with this is while frequencies tend to be the same from a physiological standpoint, they don’t consider the impact of emotional energies on the body, that’s why there is no streamlined process to clear energy or rebalance it. My experience with this started about 2 years after my Dad passed away. I was just going through life, I didn’t talk to too many people just a handful of friends, at the time my Mom was really sick so my family’s focus was on helping her heal and get healthy again, which is she and we are so grateful. Anyway, most of my life has been an effortless flow so to speak, yes I work for my goals but it was the kind of life where things just worked out for me. I never really had a ‘bad day’ until after my Dad’s passing; life was motionless, harder, and just grey. I had been trying to figure out how to get my old life back to no avail until one day I read a meme, of all things, yes a meme, which said: “I’m a happy person with a sad soul”. I remember reading it and knowing that’s what I was, then I pondered the question, how the heck do you fix your soul?

That’s what led me here to Soul Vibe.

So we are starting with the very basics, it’s what I did for me and I know it will work for you if you find yourself in a place you don’t recognize. We don’t learn about the physiological presence of energy so how would you know it’s your internal energy vibe that’s off? You don’t need a fancy weekend seminar or a fancy energy worker to help you. You can help recover, maintain, and increase your energy vibe yourself. First things first, how to figure out where your vibe is currently a side note there is no right or wrong way to do this, there is a process. Follow the process and you will find your way.

The first thing I started doing is when I started feeling bad or I felt in a funk, I would rub my hands together. Take a minute to feel how your inner energy feels close your eyes, how do you feel right now, heavy, light, happy, drained see if you can feel it in yourself.

Please do it.

Stop reading here for a minute.

Now put your hand in a ‘praying’ position and rub them together. You will feel them warming up and you should feel your core energy change. You are creating the life force energy “chi”. It might take a few times before you can feel your core energy change but you will and it does. Once you get good at this try rubbing your hands together then slowly separate your hands see how far you can get and still feel that life-force energy. The reason this increases your internal vibration is the creation of life force energy, you are physically taking your body to a new Hz frequency this is a small step but that’s how a foundation is built. I did this whenever I would get ready for a patient or I thought about it. It is retraining your body and your energy field within. You see, just like everything you build you have to sustain the layers as you go, I refer to this as ‘holding the energy’. Thus the first step is getting a feeling for your internal Soul vibe.

Another thing I did, which is super embarrassing to write about yet it helped so I will share. As my goal at the time was to ‘fix’ my sad soul I was always looking for ways to feel like I used to. I mostly did this at work because my energy sets the vibe for my whole office and I wanted to give my patients my best, so in the privacy of my back office I would often do some fits pumps accompanied by a verbal, “Yes, it’s a great day’ that kind of stuff. Nothing fancy, no affirmations, just plain and simple “pump you up” stuff. Remember there is no correct way, nothing you do is wrong, it’s a process. If you don’t have a reference that you can remember and feel, think about your best day or summer as a kid, and remember how you felt. THAT my friend is your true Soul vibe and that is where we are working to get you back to.

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