Great Advice from Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Great Advice From Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Great Advice from Seasoned Entrepreneurs

We have selected some fantastic advice from business experts. Each one of these experts have given in depth interviews on podcasts. Their advice can help you move your business forward in many ways, whether it is understanding consumer trends, finding ways to fund your business, navigating the world of male stakeholders or changing your business model.


James Richardson… navigating the male business world

Navigating the business world where male stakeholders still hold the power, is still hard for female to make headway, especially in funding. James, gives great advice to female entrepreneurs in this podcast, on how to stand up to male stakeholders who wield their power in a negative way.

Female Leaders should hire only male “fans” and James explains how to do this, and what signs to look for.

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Succeed With Male Stakeholders Podcast with James Richardson


Dave Liu ….explores

  • I want to expand my business, what is the best way to get investors interested?
  • I have been a solo entrepreneur for a while wearing many hats, I know when my business grows I need to be more of a leader, what kind of skills should I develop?
  • I have been in an unfulfilling career and I’m thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, what should be my first steps in order to transition?
  • Are there transferrable skills from my corporate life to becoming an entrepreneurial startup?
  • What is your best advice to women on how to work with male colleagues or stakeholders?
  • What skills do women need to work in or start a “tech” or “fintech” business?

Advice from a Serial Entrepreneur Podcast with Dave Liu


Marie Hale …. changing the world of leadership

Marie is changing the way work works. With the mass resignations taking place during COVID, Marie talks about changes in the workforce and how women can start on a whole new path to success.

Marie is a visionary in how the future of work for women will look like.

“Life is not a journey you should take in a canoe!”

How to stop pivoting and start pirouetting Podcast with Marie Hale


Daniel Blue ….funding your business without the banks

Daniel talks about how you can start your business using different methods of finding cash without going to the banks for a business loan. You will discover

  • The importance of your personal credit score
  • Funding your business with your zero percent interest credit card
  • Leveraging good debt to fund your startup or growth
  • Profitable systems
  • Taking the emotion out of your business to analyze your strengths and weaknesses

How to Fund Your Business Without the Banks Podcast with Daniel Blue


Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash



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