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by Tochi Eze | Featured Contributor

In my last post, we talked about pitching products to clients; of course by we, I mean myself essentially (while you graciously read), which reminds me to thank you for all your amazing tweets, comments and general awesomeness. You rock to infinity!

That being said, life goes on after making the sale.

The entire process of networking, getting prospects attention, pitching like a pro and closing the deal, does not guarantee the success of your business.

As a matter of fact, making the sale is actually just beginning of your journey as an entrepreneur. The only thing more demanding than gaining a client is getting the same client blindly devoted to your brand and wanting more of your offerings.

Your objective must evolve from drawing in customers to creating a loyal fan base. Not just because it guarantees referral marketing and increases the turn over, but also because somehow I believe that the world would be a better place if there were more satisfied customers out there!

So, in a breeze, here are 5 tips to employ in getting your clients so thoroughly satisfied that they itch with anticipation for more.

1. Keep your promises. Be sure that your products over delivers on prospects expectation.

2. Don’t just sell the product, sell a relationship. It is important that your business reflects a personable character. A lot of entrepreneurs get into the error of taking things for granted once clients sign the check, but it makes to go the extra mile and show that you care for the purchaser as well.

3. Establish an effective resolution process. You know how we don’t really want to be put on hold when we call customer service. Well, many clients feel the same way too.  Sometimes it’s not an automated response, but the cold and draggy way employees resolve queries and complaints that puts clients off. Customer satisfaction should be at the core of your business, otherwise, you’d be trampled by competition.

4.  Have a social media engagement plan. I don’t just mean a word press hosted site with your products plastered all over the home page, but real plan that you know, actually keeps your clients engaged with relevant content.

5. Few things inspire repeat purchase or customer devotion than a reward system so carefully woven around the client in such a way that it leaves them always oohing for more. Always reward your clients, whether through discounts, raffles or hand written thank you notes 

Now this is my best part, reading your thoughts and experiences in business especially as it relates to retaining clients for repeat business. Please drop your comments below and let’s get this ball rolling.


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