How to Regain Passion for a Project

How to Regain Passion for a Project by @DrRKayGreen

How to Regain Passion for a Project

by Dr. R. Kay Green | Featured Contributor

Every business owner and entrepreneur starts out their project with passion and enthusiasm. But passion alone will not get you to a place that is productive, successful, and fulfilling.

After all, even the best job has parts that are less exciting. If you want to have any hope of success, you will need to do things that you are not passionate about. You will have to do boring paperwork and invoicing. You will have to handle mundane things like taxes. Even some parts of the job itself may be less exciting to you, such as strategizing or research.

Things like this are an inevitable part of daily operations. But if you become too focused on them, you run the risk of letting these mundane tasks steal the passion that made you start in the first place. This risk can happen to any project, big or small. You can lose passion for a single task, a client, or even your business itself.

I highly suspect that lost passion is the cause of most failed businesses. Because when you lose passion for a project, it spreads. It gets harder and harder to do work. Even the things that used to be fun become difficult or even impossible to enjoy as you once did, because you know that it will lead to the more mundane things that suck the drive out of your day.

But these tasks are inevitable, so you cannot just decide not to do them. The question becomes, then, how do you do them without sacrificing your drive and passion?

There are a few things you can do if you notice yourself beginning to dread the thing that used to be your dream.

The first step is to, if at all possible, step away for a brief vacation. To be clear, this is not meant to be an excuse to avoid responsibility or the mundane tasks in question. Do not think of it as getting away or escaping; instead, think of it as pressing the restart button on a computer. By taking a few days away from your project, it clears away all the clutter of day-to-day thoughts, letting you come back to it with a fresh outlook.

When you do come back to the project, see if there is any tangible way to measure the growth that you have already achieved. A great place to begin is to ask this: how has your project affected people? Has it made people’s lives better or easier? Sometimes, recognizing just one thing that your project has done can make it feel worth it, reigniting your passion for it.

Once that is done, take some time to write down all of the reasons that you want to continue. These will often be things that you already know, but seeing them in physical form can help you find the motivation that you lost.

And once you get back to your project with renewed vigor, be prepared to keep that motivation up. Put your list of reasons somewhere that is easily accessible. Also, create a new list of little victories and wins that you accomplish throughout the day. It can be easier to remember our failings than our wins, so writing them down can help put you in a more positive frame of mind. That will help you focus on the things about your job that you actually enjoy.

By following these steps, you will be able to find and keep your passion for any project.


Dr. R. Kay Green – Marketing Expert from RKG Marketing Solutions Inc. from Atlanta, GA.

Dr. KayDr. R. Kay Green is the CEO/President of RKG Marketing Solutions Inc. With over 190,000+ Twitter followers, 35,000+ Facebook Likes, and the Top 1% LinkedIn profile designation, Dr. Kay, a self-motivated trailblazer, is the Quintessential “New-Age” Professional Woman, and PhD Marketing Pro. She earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing, and has completed PhD coursework in Leadership and Organization Change. She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and an Associate of Arts in Marketing Management.

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