How to Tackle and Overcome Stress

After the high of Christmas in December, sometimes the beginning of a new year can be a big low for some people. There are various reasons for stress, from debt, job losses and money worries to Family Feuds and ‘just because’.

But these 10 tips can help you focus, de-stress and feel happier…



1 – Create a Plan

The first Monday in January is known as ‘Blue Monday’ so this is the perfect day to start thinking about ways to beat the January blues.

Creating a list of goals, wants and needs is the perfect way to give yourself something to focus on, and when you reach your targets or smash your goals, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel good.

Here’s more on how to create the perfect to-do list


2 – Go on a Diet

There’s no denying that losing weight can give a great confidence boost! Healthy eating is known for improving your sense of wellbeing and your mood.

Creating meal plans, shopping for healthy food and eating clean are all positive steps towards boosting your mood.


3 – Exercise

Exercising stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Exercise is a perfect way to beat the January blues as it is proven to reduce the body’s adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

You don’t have to sign up for expensive gym memberships either, there are many ways to exercise for free, even from your own home! Check some out here


4 – Positive Affirmations

Daily Mantras and Positive affirmations when said regularly, can help to de-stress and brighten your outlook on the world.

You can repeat them to yourself regularly, have them printed as wall art for daily reminders, or even write them down in your daily task lists or diary. 

Here’s my go-to Mantra…


I choose to be happy, I am healthy and I am loved


5 – Start a Side Hustle

Money makes the world go round! And while it may not always bring happiness, there’s no denying that any extra income can take the pressure off everyday life.

There are many side hustles around such as filling out surveys, MLM sites such as Avon, takeaway delivering, social media management and more.

My personal favourite way to earn a few extra £££s each month is by taking advantage of refer a friend schemes. Here’s a list of the best UK refer a friend schemes available right now.


6 – Do a Good Deed

Helping others can be such a heartwarming experience. There are SO many ways to help charities and the less fortunate without spending a penny.

You could give blood, volunteer at a charity shop, collect good quality, second hand, warm clothing from friends and family to distribute to the homeless community and much more.


7 – Reduce Stress

This might seem obvious, but it’s always a good idea to work out what exactly stresses you out and trying to reduce those burdens. 

If you sit down and write out all the things that cause you to stress, you will be surprised how many triggers you actually have, and even if you can solve a few of them, you will be significantly reducing your stress levels – which is always a win! 


8 – Online Games

Escaping reality and getting your teeth stuck into a game can be a great way to de-stress, my go-to game is Candy Crush! As soon as I get overwhelmed with work, I have a few games on that. If you’re looking for stress relief, casual games like Animal Crossing, Games like Drift Hunters 2, and Minecraft to name just a few, give you a quick break, a challenging but not stressful interruption, and a temporary change in focus. 

There are many benefits to online gaming and here are the best reasons why online gaming can reduce stress

Tip: A lot of free online games have boosts and add-ons that cost money! If you start down that rabbit hole, the enjoyment of the ‘free’ game can quickly become bad for your mental health, so be sure to stick to the free version of any game. 


9 – Comfort Foods

Food, for many, is a source of happiness in itself. The process of shopping, prepping, cooking and sharing the food with loved ones can be such a wholesome feeling. There’s nothing better than being praised for your hard work.

You don’t necessarily need a large family to make the effort to cook nice meals, you can always feed your neighbors or maybe even do a good deed and feed your local homeless community – now that’s sure to put a warm glow in your heart!

There are some fantastic comfort foods that will help beat the winter blues here


10 – Get a Good Nights Sleep

No day will go well without a night of decent sleep. A good night’s sleep is just as important as all the above tips, if not more. 

Follow these steps for the perfect night’s sleep…

  • Reduce Caffeine (particularly later in the evening) 
  • Don’t nap in the day
  • Wind down around 7 pm – A regular bath/shower is great for this
  • Aim for sleep between 9/10 pm every night
  • Get up Early
  • Take a melatonin supplement
  • Avoid alcohol and strong painkillers
  • Optimise your bedroom – A comfy bed, a tidy room, blackout curtains and scented candles can all help you relax.


Hopefully, these tips have helped you beat those January blues, and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments below…



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