Keeping the Grit

Keeping the Grit In Your Life By @AZAnswers

Keeping the Grit

by Ann Zuraw | Featured Contributor

We all know that suffering exists in our world. As humans, we have either witnessed the plight of others or experienced  pain first hand. It is something we all go through in life. Not a day goes by without someone, somewhere experiencing loss, grief, illness, discrimination, the list goes on and on. The question becomes how to deal with those hard moments?

I know people who have been through sad and very discouraging situations yet they were able to turn their challenging experience into a profound strength that keeps them smiling and moving forward. This is what I like to call “Keeping the Grit.”

We all have choices to make when life presents difficult situations. We can choose to be a victim and wallow in self-pity, or we can confront the pain head-on and look for solutions. It’s through suffering that we grow and expand our awareness of all that is good. It helps provide growth and inner strength allowing us to “keep the grit” and heal our pain. If we never experience pain, we would not know happiness.

So what is your way of keeping the grit?  For me, it is staying positive, and using my “never give up” attitude to search, ask and find the best solutions to every problem. Nobody is perfect, nor is life, but keeping the faith/grit and trying your best in every situation helps.

We all have our little areas of expertise in this world. Mine is supporting my family, friends, clients and complete strangers with their finances. I have spent my entire life learning how to invest and take responsibility for finances.  I consider it a priority to encourage others to do the same.  Investing can sometimes mean “Keeping the Grit.”

Why investing you ask? Research into a stock’s fundamentals is essential for accurately determining whether a company is a sound investment but, determining companies that will keep the grit when times are tough are even harder to verify. Just as people experience unfortunate events so can companies and their stock values.

Combine this with researching interest rates rising, unpredictable world politics, management of the company and it becomes a daunting task, but one that I love. I find great pleasure finding a gritty company that not only has earning potential but is ethical, socially responsible, transparent and has smart management.

For myself managing my own business, I have to keep the grit. I need to prioritize my goals, have the right people in place, utilize the newest and latest technology, and the maintain discipline to keep up with it all. So I continually Woman Up and keep the grit.

So, how are you “keeping the grit” in dealing with life? My personal theory is that you must figure out what is yours, keep at it and do not give up!

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