Crafting the Perfect Social Media Story for the Holidays


by Dr. R. Kay Green

More and more platforms are unveiling “stories” — ephemeral social media posts that disappear after a set amount of time. Snapchat is arguably the platform that first had success with this format, but Facebook and Instagram have also unveiled their own story platforms.

Businesses are taking note of this feature, with more organizations than ever turning to story functions for holiday marketing. The reason they are doing this is because consumers are engaging with this content in a way that they simply do not do with natural posts. Which begs the question: why?

Why are social media stories so popular with consumers and businesses alike? What makes this format so conducive to holiday marketing, in particular? And, perhaps more importantly, how can your business leverage social media stories to make your holiday marketing a success?

One of the main features of social media stories is that they are humanizing. When done correctly, they come across as more friendly, less like an ad than your typical campaign.

Also, with natural posts, it is difficult to do more than one post in a row. When consumers follow a lot of friends, family and businesses, their dashboards become clogged, and even if a business posts one post right after the other, it is unlike that they will show up this way on someone’s news feed.

Stories are different. Your consumers can easily click from one video to the next. This makes it so that you can tell a cohesive narrative. This, in turn, allows you to make an emotional connection. This is critical when it comes to reaching modern audiences.

Allowing viewers to click through also engages them. Instead of traditional posts, in which they are more or less passive consumers, stories allow your followers to get involved.

Today’s consumer does not want to be treated like a tool, and they do not want to be pandered to by faceless entities. Instead, they want to get to know the people behind the brand. And what better time to do this than over the holidays, when many are gathering together for parties and fun?

This is why holidays in general are a perfect time for social media story campaigns. Holidays are the perfect time for engaging, humanizing stories that treat followers like family instead of business leads.

There are, of course, right and wrong ways to create a social media story. Above all, social media stories should be fun. Take advantage of the temporary nature of these stories to be more witty and easygoing than you would be with your typical posts.

When crafting a social media story, focus on two things: emotional and personal.

Stories that focus on emotion will be far more engaging to your consumer. You should aim to make them feel something.

In addition, you should be personal. Give your followers a look at who you really are — not just as a brand, but as individual people. Does anyone in your department have an inspiring story related to the holidays? Now is the time to ask.

Avoid creating a “sales pitch,” and do not make a story that is so long that your consumers will get bored and click away. If you do all of this, you will be able to create a social media story that engages and makes an impression on your followers. And that will last even after the holidays are over.






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