Never Forget a Name Again: 7 Tips to Remember Names

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3 Replies to “Never Forget a Name Again: 7 Tips to Remember Names”

  1. Luis Angel | Memory Training Coach

    Thank you for sharing, Emily! My favorite image association to use is, “John.” I picture a toilet for that. It’s pretty nasty but I always remember a John the next time that I see him!

  2. CASUDI aka Caroline Di Diego

    Funny story: Years ago when consulting for a company, the CEO took a special course to remember names. One thing they advised was to make an excuse to write down the name (valid of course) then say ” I don’t recall how to spell your name”… maybe it was only a reservation for lunch..but one time the response came back ” S M I T H” !

    1. Emily Worden

      Caroline that is hilarious! I actually used to use that trick all the time … when I didn’t remember a name I’d ask, “How do you spell it?” Occasionally I got answers like “Smith” too and I’d play it off like, “Well, sometimes people spell it with a “y” or “e” at the end.”
      Not every convincing but hey – you get the name!

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