The Only Social Media Tip You Will Ever Need… by @evassolo

I love this mug like I love Twitter.
I love this mug like I love Twitter.

by Elizabeth Vassolo | Featured Contributor

The number one thing that scares people about social media is that they think they have to be on every channel, talking to everyone.

In fact, most of my clients come to me because they are paralyzed by the idea of doing social media or they are overwhelmed managing several channels and simply don’t know what to do next.

And like a good marketing counselor, I dose them with the truth and give them hope.

So rest assured, your business won’t fail if you aren’t on every social media channel, 24 hours a day.

Now, there was time when the popular social media sentiment dictated that you HAD to be everywhere, talking to everyone. But social media has evolved and it’s just not realistic from both a resource point of view and an ROI perspective.

The truth is, social media won’t save your business, at best, it is a complimentary strategy.

And social media should never replace the tried and true marketing initiatives that work for your business.

It’s a great tool to discover information about your prospects and foster conversations that you can hopefully take offline.

But social media is the topping or condiment that makes your marketing that much more delicious.

It’s the homemade whip cream to your sundae or the ketchup on your hotdog (Yes, I said ketchup. And yes I live in Chicago. And no, I’m not ashamed.)

So, it’s ok to pick just one channel to love and cherish.

And really love it. Love it like your love your favorite Kate Spade bag, Clinique lip gloss or Florida coffee mug.


Because you need to be consistent. You have to be present every day, in as close to real time as possible.

So how do you choose what channel is best for your business?

Do some research, you probably have done a brand study at some point. Pull out the information about your target audience and find the channel that makes the most sense.

You’ve never done a brand study? Then contact me and we can talk.

Once you decide where to start, learn everything you can about that channel and dig in.

Set a weekly task list that includes time for building your network, creating content and putting it all together.

And evaluate your efforts.

Are people paying attention? Are you learning about your prospects? Are you using your channel to support your other initiatives?

After you’ve been at  it for awhile and feel confident in your network, then you can think about introducing another channel into your mix.

If, on the other hand,  your social media management is already spread too thin across several channels, pull back and refocus your efforts on the one that makes the most sense.

And soon, you too will be the queen of your social media castle.

Want to chat more, let’s connect on Twitter. Find me @evassolo.


Elizabeth Vassolo Elizabeth Vassolo: I’ve been a part of social media from the beginning. First as part of Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal digital launch team and now as an agency owner and Social Media consultant and guest speaker.

My advertising, branding and social media firm Vim, Vigor & Vassolo helps small to mid-size businesses overcome their communication challenges and shows them how to make their social media and digital presence work for them.

I also work as a digital consultant to other marketing firms and advertising agencies. And I’m the on-camera social media expert for PBS’s Illinois Business This Week.

When I’m not tweeting, blogging or branding, I’m reading, walking my dog, traveling and giving tram tours at the Morton Arboretum.

Let’s connect @evassolo.

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6 Replies to “The Only Social Media Tip You Will Ever Need… by @evassolo”

  1. Andrew Witter

    Nice piece Elizabeth and good advice. It won’t save it, you’re right. But, it can be a tool to help grow it and gain new customers. As marketing has always has been, it’s just a tool in the mix and it can be confusing, especially for the old school network.


    1. Elizabeth Vassolo

      Yes! There was a time when social media people put so much fear in businesses, that if they didn’t drop everything and tweet they were going to FAIL.

      That is just simply not true.

      You are right. It is a tool and has it’s place in a well-rounded marketing kit.

      Best to you and thanks for your comment!


  2. Judy Yaron PhD

    Focus on one thing … major challenge in a world/culture of multi-tasking! Totally agree with you not just with regards to promoting one’s business.

    It takes time, however, to figure out which network best suits your tribe, your needs, your personality and time frame. I have found that you have to try different ones out and not hesitate to give something up if it’s not working.

    Loved the bit about the ketchup on the hotdog. My grandfather was from Chicago and a GREAT ketchup fan. Now I know why!

    HUGS <3

    1. Elizabeth Vassolo

      Thanks Judy! I agree, if something isn’t working move on. You really have to be nimble in the digital space. And don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes.

      I can only put ketchup on my hotdog behind closed doors here, it’s a mustard town.

      Best to you and thanks again for your comment.


  3. Andrew M. Warner

    You’re one of the first people I’ve ever heard say this and it’s right. Too many people try to do it all and once and they end up being bad at all … I speak from experience.

    Choosing one and mastering it before considering moving onto another is the best way to go.

    Take care and thanks for the fresh perspective.

    – Andrew

    1. Elizabeth Vassolo

      Hi Andrew!

      Thanks for your comment. Best of luck to you!


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