PR For Business: Media Pitch Ideas That Go Beyond Your Product or Service

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PR For Business: Media Pitch Ideas That Go Beyond Your Product or Service

You know that getting PR for your business is important. You also know that public relations should be part of your marketing strategy but you aren’t sure how to go about getting it. And when it comes to pitching the media you just don’t feel like you have any ideas. 

I am here to help. I want to offer a few ideas to get you working toward earning media mentions, press, and coverage for you and your business.

First, I want to tell you don’t overthink it. 

Second, it is simpler than you might think. 

What I will say is that we often think the pitches you send out to journalists need to be about what you sell but in fact, you may find more success when you pitch something that is not all about your products or services. Think beyond the products and think more about the experience, your why, and your industry or niche. 

Below is a list of possible story ideas for your next PR pitch. 

Industry Insights and Expertise 

  • Position yourself, your company, or your client as a thought leader by sharing valuable industry insights, trends, or predictions. Offer expert commentary on current events, new regulations, or emerging technologies, demonstrating your deep understanding and expertise.

Employee Spotlight

  • Showcase the talented individuals within your organization who contribute to its success. Share stories of their achievements, unique skills, or personal journeys that align with your company’s values and mission.

Community Engagement 

  • Highlight your company’s involvement in the local community or partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Share stories of volunteer work, charitable initiatives, or events that demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.

Innovation in Action

  • Share how your company fosters a culture of innovation. Highlight examples of internal programs, collaborations, or creative problem-solving approaches that have led to exciting innovations or improved products/services.

Industry Education

  • Educate your audience about a complex topic or process related to your industry. Break it down into easily understandable terms, provide practical tips or step-by-step guides, and position your company as a trusted source of knowledge.

Unexpected Success

  • Share a story about an unexpected success or breakthrough your company or client has achieved. Highlight the challenges faced and how the team overcame them, emphasizing the unique strategies or innovative approaches that led to the success.

My hope is by sharing this list you see what is possible for you and your business when it comes to pitching the media. This is all about thinking outside the box and sharing ideas that show off you and your business without hammering people over the head with your products and services.

Now it’s over to you. Sit down with a pen and paper, or if you prefer, open up a fresh new document on your computer, and start brainstorming media pitch ideas that are NOT about talking specifically/directly about your products or services.

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