The Most Important Job When Building A Business


by Annie Mudin

As a business owner, there is a vast range of activities that are must-dos. From building your customer base to sorting out your taxes – when it is your gig it is all your responsibility.

However, there is one recurring task that is imperative if you want to succeed. In fact, it is your most important responsibility and requires daily attention and maintenance. And that is your mindset.

When you are trying to build your business, it is easy to be dragged down by doubt, focus on the issues and feel down heartened. So, it is important to be proactive and prepared so you can keep in the positive frame of mind that will help you achieve and excel.

The key is to actively manage your mindset just like any other part of your business. Ensure you have reliable structures in place that you can utilize when you need to. Once you have this success can follow.


Be aware

The first important step in taking control of your mindset is to be aware of it. Catch yourself when you start feeling overwhelmed, disheartened, or stuck.

Whether you start looking for jobs on LinkedIn, find yourself ruminating about possible failures or procrastinate to avoid the work. We all have habits that we are prone to – so be aware of them.

Being able to catch yourself means that you can actively work on returning to a more positive and productive mindset. The quicker you can do this – the quicker you can get back to growing your business.


Have an action plan

When you catch yourself with a negative mindset – you need a plan in place.

You need to be able to take action immediately on activities that will turn your mindset around. This may include:

  • Gratitude exercises
  • Visualizing your best self in the future
  • Things that support you when you have lost hope
  • Reaching out to your support network
  • Meditation
  • Activities that can help you feel “unstuck”
  • Exercise or your favorite self-care activities
  • Diving into your favorite inspirational podcasts, videos and books
  • Taking a moment to focus on your reason for doing what you do

These are just a few examples. Different things work for different people. Make sure you know what works for you because it is imperative that you are ready to take action to avoid the downward spiral of a negative mindset.


Have a routine

Just like all the important parts of your business – tending to your mindset should be part of your business routine.

Schedule in the activities you need in your week to keep your frame of mind positive. Take the time to celebrate your wins properly. Put reminders of your wins in a special place so you can continue to take inspiration from them.

Find what works for you. Because once this key piece of the puzzle is in place for your business – the rest can flow and build into the success that you desire and deserve.



Annie is a certified personal coach who helps busy Millennial women live personally meaningful and successful lives.

After 15+ unfulfilling years in the corporate world, she shares her experiences and knowledge to help clients find a successful life balance through her personal development blog, articles and courses. You can find out more through her website




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