Why People Log Into Facebook and How to Use the Information for More Likes and Shares


by Lisa Illman

Today, more and more people get on the natural habit of logging on to Facebook, checking out their newsfeeds, checking out what’s happening to their friends, to their tribe, and ultimately, “share” what they “like” to the people in their circle, and the cycle goes on. But what is it really that triggers people to stay online and go back to Facebook, no matter how much they avoid getting into to the lure of pressing the “F” letter once they open the browser?

Just recently, Cornell University made a thorough analysis on a survey study done on more than 5 thousand respondents, as to why people kept coming back to social media, specifically, Facebook, even if they were asked to stay logged off for about 99 days. The results of the analyses showed 4 significant reasons as to why people revert to Facebook even if they were asked to stay away. This learning is what I want to share with you, so that you may incorporate these to your business platform, integrate it to what you are posting in Facebook for your business and ultimately increase traffic to your page or to your site and benefit from it. You can always pick on the processes and systems that work for the personality of your business, but at the end of the day, you may want to ask yourself: Is the information I share, promote good content and beneficial stuff to make my post or video personally engaging? Read on and find out.

The first reason why people log in and stay logged on to Facebook is based on how they feel. People engage to the world of social media because they go to the links and sites that make them happier. People grab their phones, their iPads when they are sad or frustrated because they want to feel happier.

With this insightful result, you may now want to ask yourself: How can I think about what I am posting?  How can I serve my customers, my clients, my perspective clients to come back for more and more importantly get them to share what I post because they want to make their friends and family happy and want to “like” my page? Think about the kind of content you are putting on Facebook. Is it making people happy? Are you being way too opinionated? Are you being too negative? Are you posting too many sad pictures? Are you posting too many sad videos?

Let us take myself as an example. I love animals. I love pets, but when I see posts related to animal cruelty, or little children suffering too much, if things are too hard for me to watch, I shun these posts away. Perhaps, every now and then, that is fine. I know their intent why they’re posted it, is to bring awareness, but eventually, I move away from viewing it or watching it too long because I don’t want that in my head that will subconsciously bring me down. I don’t want to share that to my circle as it may also make other people feel low and dark. It is not living in the solution.

Are you lifting the emotions of your customers, your perspective clients’ day with your video or post? Will your viewers want to share what you posted in Facebook to their friends and keep it in their feeds? Will your posts represent the kind of value and attitude you want for your business? It is possible that your followers may watch your video but they won’t share it; or they may watch it because they are loyal to you, but does that make them push the buy button?

Take it from one famous quote of Maya Angelo: “I have noticed in life that people don’t remember what you said or what you did, but they can specifically remember HOW you made them feel.” Get in with those emotions that give your viewers, your followers, the happy juice in life. Get them to coming back to Facebook because your posts bring them to certain places that give them the feeling of “pick me up”. I for myself go to certain pages that bring peace to my life, to the certain ones that bring positivity to my life, to those that make me giggle, those that talk about little kittens or meditation. That is my mode of operation (MO). These are the things that you need to incorporate with what you are doing on Facebook. Think about how you can brighten up your client’s day. Remember, if people are not feeling ok, they log in. They log in because they are looking for that bump to put that oomph back in their lives. So, with what you post in Facebook, can you be that bump?




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