How women decode the achievement of emotional freedom by @AngeKYoumatter

by Angela Kambouris

Imagine experiencing a level of emotional freedom where you step through a doorway to your dreams and live your purpose every day. Let me introduce you to your inner warrior. She stands in her truth. Harnesses her greatness. Courage, confidence and inner strength are amplified when connected with our inner warrior and she knows that to be able to express herself fully, she must release the burdens that have dragged her down.

The woman warrior will not settle for mediocrity. She embraces the present as her strength and through defeating her battles, she emerges with more strength, intense honesty and a magnified ability to self-trust. She retains her singular focus to achieve self-mastery. She creates solutions out of her wisdom and courage to resolve any emotional toxicity.

Let’s open the door with 7 key strategies to achieve emotional freedom:

1. Embrace responsibility for your emotions and your internal world

Isn’t it time to stop dating the same person, the same circumstance and same events? When we are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for our lives, one thing is guaranteed, there is an unconscious belief driving our choices.

When we take ownership and accountability for ourselves the world looks a little different. Rather than remaining stuck and stagnant, allow yourself to look at your role within the circumstances of your life and create an opportunity to see your evolution from the experiences you have lived through. The ability to shift from powerlessness to empowerment and from victim to victor, illuminates the pathway to emotional freedom.

2. Let go of human drama

So many hold on to experience from the past with such vengeance and tight gripped with fear. Our wounded ego cries for the familiar buried within us. The human drama ripples throughout our life and often we struggle with our ability to let go.

Surrendering the “l am right, you are wrong” so we can stand in our truth and power. Surrendering to our wounds, stepping into our duty of managing ourselves. Letting go of excuses, justifications and sense of righteousness to reclaim our power that we have given away.

When we give up our stories, we create the space to access the warrior’s courage. Recognise the ways you have colluded with your stories and let go of the beliefs that have limited the possibilities to become your courageous self.

3. Re-wire our thinking and heal the heart

A wise person once said, ‘resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person would die’. But the only one dying is ourselves. We must start from the beginning. Look through every situation, circumstance and experience with eyes of possibility. What do l mean? To observe with no judgement and with compassionate eyes. See the beauty and greatness in everything and everyone. Choose to trust as Lao-tzu writes “when l let go of what l am, l become what l might be”.

When we decide to open our heart, we move forward as warriors of love and women of courage. We release others and ourselves from the prison of the past, we feel lighter, more happier and experience deep and unlimited peace.

4. Re-gain our freedom

Shift your limiting beliefs to empowering stories that we tell ourselves. Muzzle the inner critic, eradicate the blame game and the ability to point fingers. Have you ever noticed when you point your finger at someone, one finger is pointed at them, three back at you? Try it on.

5. Blame game runs rife

Have you ever said – “he lied to me”, “she betrayed me”, “it was his fault”, “she made me do it”? The internal dialogue amplifies, the inner critic is full steam ahead yelling through its megaphone “how could l have let that happen”. We strap on our emotional baggage like war heroes having returned with medals of honour. Yet over time, the pain and resentment builds and we remain stuck in fear.

Einstein languages so clearly, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Take the step and move past the no excuses. Eradicate the layers of denial, reclaim the parts that you have disowned and through accessing support, break resistance to step into your power and authentic truth. When you take responsibility of choices, you embrace all aspects of you. You take back your power, upgrade your standards and step into the leader you always were.

6. Sprinkle self-love

Loving the whole you, the good, the bad and the indifferent. All of it. The whole complete person you are. When you are filled with self-love, you have the courage to face your deepest fears. You will take the action and develop the confidence to rise above the challenge. When you embrace the imperfections, the vulnerability which is your strength, the warrior within lights up the room everywhere she goes. The world is seen with new eyes as you bring forth your gifts, the knowledge and wisdom to share with the world.

7. Walk through the door

When we acknowledge that we co-create our experiences we can identify patterns that exist inside of us. When you give up your excuses, surrender the justifications and release the fear, the door to emotional freedom is opened to live as your highest expression. Let us see her.


Ange is a highly-valued leadership coach and business leader having spent over 20 years in the field of vulnerability and trauma. She built a high-level career as an executive and transitioned into a business owner, built an online and offline business and worked with world class human influencers. Ange is super passionate about unlocking human potential to deliver extraordinary results. She has spoken on stages and worked with thousands of people in the areas of self-development, leadership, mindset, human behaviour and business. Ange has been featured in major publications as an influential coach and speaker for people to unlock their potential and step into their leadership mastery. Ange has featured as a writer and contributor for The Huffington Post, About Leaders and Global Thrive. Ange loves travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, especially their food. She has master-minded with leaders and expert authorities in personal development and business all over the world.


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  1. Angela

    Amazing read Angela. So true, if you take away the dramas,be true to yourself and sprinkle self love, the world would be a better place. Food for thought. Great strategies. Thankyou.

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