5 Ways To Bust Those Fears and Limiting Beliefs To Earn Media Coverage by @ChristyALaverty

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by Christy Laverty | Featured Contributor

There is no doubt when you earn media coverage you are getting visible. Big time!

And for many people, the idea of that freaks them out. They like the idea of getting their business in front of more eyeballs and bringing in more customers and revenue but stepping out in front of their business and being seen is scary to them.

First, I should remind you of the benefits of getting media mentions, press, and publicity. It isn’t just about getting on T.V! Getting your name, face, and business in the media allows you connect with an audience of potential customers in a real and authentic way, you get to share your knowledge and expertise building up your know, like, and trust factor, and by being mentioned by the media you get an automatic third-party endorsement. All great things for your business!

I am here to challenge you when it comes to those fears and limiting beliefs keeping you scared and stopping you from going after media mentions and coverage. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from entrepreneurs that they are just not big enough to earn media, they aren’t ready yet, they are not sure why a reporter would want to talk to them, or they are afraid they won’t have anything to say. All fear based, limiting belief stuff there people.

Let me tell you that most journalists don’t care how big your company is or if you are a “big deal” in your business or industry unless it is relevant to the story you or they are telling. What they care about is the story. They care about if you have expertise that resonates with their audience. What journalists care about is if you can help them educate, entertain, and/or enlighten the audience.

So let’s challenge those myths, fears, and limiting beliefs when it comes to earning media, press, and publicity.

Here are 3 ways you can bust through to confidently earn media for you and your business.

  • Be Of Service

This is really important. Getting media is not really about you, it is about the journalist and ultimately, the audience. It is about being of service to them. So do that. Don’t make the story, segment, article, or show all about you and selling. You ultimately benefit from getting media coverage and letting people know about you, your service and/or products but that is not what it is all about in the media. So think about educating, entertaining, and or enlightening the audience.

Being of service is also going to help you kick some of those limiting beliefs of not being a big deal or not being THE EXPERT. All you are doing here is helping people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. And isn’t that why you are in business?

  • Embrace Your Expertise

So remember how I just mentioned about not being THE EXPERT? It is that feeling of having to be the expert of their business, niche or industry that can sometimes keep people small or hold them back. Don’t think of it as being the expert. You need to make a shift in your mindset and embrace your expertise. We all have different expertise based on our unique life, family, business experiences. Embraces that. Share your uniques expertise and you will never feel like you have to have all the answers for all things because you just have to have the answers based on your own personal expertise!

  • Social Proof

The myths and lies we tell ourselves can be pretty harsh sometimes. When it comes to media and PR things people believe don’t actually have any basis in truth. So, to challenge those I want you to get social proof. This is really about recommendations, referrals, and testimonials. When your customers and clients sing your praises that is proof you are a big enough deal, that you do have something to say, that a journalist would want to talk to you, you can entertain, educate and enlighten people and help them live healthier, happier lives.

  • Knowledge Is Power

Research is the key to understanding. Often times the fears people have around earning media comes from the fact they don’t know the process of pitching a journalist, they aren’t sure what to say or what journalists want. My answer to that is research. Take a little time to arm yourself with knowledge. Read, watch, and/or listen to the media outlets, shows, and publications you want to appear in. Familiarize yourself with the people who produce the content. Ask questions. Take some workshops. Once you arm yourself with the knowledge you can kick those fears to the curb!

  • Practice

A big fear for many entrepreneurs is making a mistake or not looking or sounding good on television or radio or even during a phone interview. There is an easy fix for that…PRACTICE! The more times you do something the easier it is. If television freaks you out, then start practicing on video. You can do some Facebook or Instagram lives. If you don’t want anyone to see your videos then just record them on your phone and watch them back. It doesn’t have to be fancy here just get the practice in! If it is the audio part of media that you are afraid of then again, just record your voice and listen back. You will start to improve as you become aware of the areas you feel are weak. You could also find an accountability partner. Pair up with someone and interview each other! Practice and the more familiar and comfortable you are the less afraid you will be to step into the spotlight!


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