Five Healthy Ways to Get an Energizing Mid-Day Boost


by Lisa Illman

I am a morning person; always have been and it seems I probably always will be. That is great for mornings, but when about 2:00PM hits, I start to loose steam. Sometimes I even crash, literally, and become useless or start making mistakes in a sleepy haze. In the past, I have filled my body with caffeine and sugar trying to get a boost only to be let down soon after with a throbbing headache or a sugar crash. Luckily I’ve tried some other techniques that are much healthier and actually work at providing me with that much needed positive energy in the middle of the afternoon. Here are my top favorites!


1. Walking Affirmations

Getting up from my desk and moving about has always given me a quick eye opening reprieve, but moving around only tends to provide short term benefits only. Once I started incorporated affirmations, I really started to get a positive force that lasted for much longer than the walk itself. I love affirmations, and a brisk, fast walk while doing them is such a good way to get on track and bring me back to focus. A few favorites that tend to create energy are:

• I am a healthy, happy, business woman inspired with new ideas all day long
• Positive energy rushes through me all afternoon
• I am manifesting positive energy in me and all around me as I write this afternoon


Green Shakes

A healthy and more filling alternative to caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda is a blended green machine shake. I love to make a fresh one in my juicer and blender on days I office from home. One of my favorite recipes is a cucumber and mint shake in the summer time.

Spinach – 1 bunch, chopped
Mint – 1 sprig
Parsley – 1 sprig
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
Cucumber – 1, preferably organic
Celery stalks – 1 cup, chopped
Ginger root – 1 inch, peeled, finely chopped
Ice cubes – 4
Add all the ingredients to the blender, except the ice cubes.
Blend at high speed to get a smooth shake.

For other recipes, check me out on Pinterest! I have a recipe board……..
If you are in your car traveling or in an office without the benefits of pulling over to get a shake made for you’re at a health restaurant, you can always get a Green Machine made by Naked. Most grocery stores have a section of green drinks; grab one on the go and sip it while you say a few energizing affirmations.


Meditation with Power Nap

For those who have access to a nap room or even your car, mediation with power naps can be a fantastic way to re-charge and re-focus. I love to use a guided meditation to help guide me right into my nap. I keep my favorite three-minute mediation on my iPhone so I can even pull off into a rest area and relax in my car. I have a timer on my iPhone so I set it for the absolute longest amount of time I have; which is usually twenty minutes. I feel refreshed, recharged and sometimes I even am able to do some problem solving while I am napping. The mind and body need a break, power naps can be one of the healthiest ways to grab a boost while also letting the body rest.

Being able to shut down when I feel my mind and body starting to shut down is not usually an option in the active life I like to lead. I started to realize that giving myself the healthy option of breaking to re-energize was not lazy or luxurious. It is indeed the way to continue producing without pushing so hard, action turns into mistakes. If you can integrate one or two of the above into your daily routine, the benefits will be tremendous. I have finally gotten my schedule down to be able to do all the above and they have now become a practice. The rewards are enormous!




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